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March 18, 2009 Update



A Hotrod Full Feature Film By Faith Granger

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Securing period correct locations is a difficult task. Securing period correct locations ON A ZERO BUDGET is an impossible task. You guys have NO IDEA just HOW HARD it was to pull this off. But I never gave up, no matter how hard it got. And what seemed to be an endless stream of miracles kept happening, and, somehow, I was able to line up all the locations needed to pull off my many scenes. Some happened overnight, other took over a year to come to fruition. But in the end, I got them, one by one, and always just in time to shoot the next scene… And then the next one… And so on and so fortorth. 
The CALLAWAY SPEEDSHOP was filmed at four separate locations. Four shops were used to create the one Speedshop, including one amazing machine shop which was entirely stocked with vintage machines. Vintage tools were loaned or donated, as well as vintage tool boxes. Cars inside the shop were loaned by local hotrodders who support my film. Thank you guys! The vintage chute

covering the DEUCE OF SPADES in the opening flashback scene was loaned by Mr. DEIST himself.

 Bettie's house was filmed at several location. Her front porch and living room were filmed at a 30's home in Santa Paula. Her kitchen, at a local house in Woodland Hills which had all the 50's appliances and belongs to a friend of mine. Bettie's parent's bedroom is none other than hot rod veteran TOMMY SPARKS own bedroom. Laura Sparks, let us use all her vintage brushes and hair pins for that one scene. The Sparks also let us film one of our shop scenes inside their own shop and both Tom's 50's model A hotrod and his midgets are in the film, as well as his gorgeous 50's Buick.
The Hospital scenes were filmed at three locations. The most notable was the AUTOMOBILE DRIVING MUSEUM, who very graciously allowed me to use the front of their museum as the Hospital, and even parked their priced cars on my set to create the
illusion of a 50's world, outside. 
Another wonderful location was the Vintage gas station. This station has been in many movies, including TRANSFORMERS and was donated by Owner George Lewis, free of charge, to help me see this film through.
Another famous location was the diner, which was also in many movies and TV series and also was donated, free of charge by the owner, to help me out. Yes, yet another DEUCE OF SPADES miracle.
A gorgeous ranch was donated to film the outdoors scenes, such as the Lovers Lane scene, the crash scene, and other outside shoots. Also, a private road was donated by Pepe's trucking and served as the backdrop of many of the orchards scenes, as well as the famous SURVIVAL OF THE FASTEST scene (see teaser TWO).
I used no less than three train stations to create the one train station in the film. Complete, with a real 50's train. 
By far the hardest location to secure was the dragstrip. Airstrips were asking about $8,000 for one day and having no budget, that was not an option. But once again, God provided and through a series of strange coincidences, I met a very nice man, classic car owner himself, who felt inspired to support my endeavor. The big studios pay a lot of money to use his property, and I hear Clint Eastwood himself was planning on filming there. Yet, he let me use it for an entire day, pro bono, just to support my Hot rod film. And so it was, that after over one year and a half of looking, I was finally able to roll on my biggest scene: the SAUGUS dragstrip scene.
In my next update, I would like to tell you a little bit how we managed to pull of that scene, on a ZERO budget and how much fun it was to film it.
Meanwhile, please join me on the official DEUCE OF SPADES movie forum thread, to ask questions, interact with the filmmaker (me) and hear the latest day to day updates on this exciting film.

 Visit the official film website at www.deuceofspadesmovie.com and subscribe to the
FILMMAKER’S BLOG. Want to help me in this worthy endeavor? Please tell everyone you know about this hotrod film. Thank you for your support!

Below: Iconic moments of hotrodding get incorporated into the film and brought back to life, with a new twist.

This vintage gas station will become the Saugus gas station TOMMY MILLER works at.


A wonderful bedroom scene at Tom and Laura SPARKS home


Bettie's kitchen


Tommy Sparks Midget and Model A truck become part of
JOHNNY CALLAWAY's shop scene.


Automobile Driving Museum becomes the Hospital


Bettie's front porch, a real 1930 Sears Catalog house.


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