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April 1, 2009 Update



A Hotrod Full Feature Film By Faith Granger

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Operating without a budget meant having to do everything myself and doing the most out of very little. Being creative and resourceful a must! Having, by a miracle of God, lined up a FREE airstrip to film at, located a mere 2 miles from where the real SAUGUS dragstrip once stood, I set out to recreate an afternoon at the dragstrip, circa 1955 for one of the key scenes in the Flashbacks. To pull this off, it look no less than a year of looking for both for a free airstrip that looked period correct and similar to Saugus, and car owners willing to bring their cars and spend the day in that remote location. A dedicated bunch, some had to get up at 2 AM to drive all the way up from San Diego and make our 6AM call time. A wonderful man even trailered his 1950's original dragster all the way down from Fresno to contribute to DEUCE OF SPADES. Handling a set with over 100 people on it, including car owners, actors, extras, and over 30 cars, was no easy task. My

skeleton crew (4 people) and I ran around all day. I never had a chance to eat, sit down or even go to the bathroom, really!! Assisted by a handful of volunteers, I prepped all the actors and extras up, made sure they got their wardrobe, hair and make up done and looked 1955 period correct. We were able to manage the challenging task of placing all the cars on the set and positioning the extras and start to film by 10AM!!. Since we didn't have enough cars or people, we kept moving our resources around to fill each shot. A friend came and did catering to feed all these hungry mouths. It got really hot that day, over 100F, but everybody stuck it out. The car owners had some shade next to the plane hangar (lucky them!) and seemed to thoroughly enjoy watching the shoot. The day's shoot ended up with a great knife and fist fight and everyone there was cheering the actors, who did their own stunts. To this day, I get emails, calls from the many participants saying that this was one of the most fun day of their life. As for me, I should have, by all means, been terrified by this scene (and was for many months, just thinking about it) but when the day came, I stepped up to the plate and was simply to busy to worry. The entire day went smooth as could be and we were all amazed, when we wrapped, that we had pulled it off, on a zero budget and with hardly any crew to talk about. Showing once again that, "when there's a will, there's a way!".

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Below: Iconic moments of hotrodding get incorporated into the film and brought back to life, with a new twist.

6AM and the cars are lining up, waiting to be placed in the set:


Here, applying special effect blood to co-star Frank O'Leary (FRESNO)


Blue Nelson - far left - (First A.D and avid antique car collector) helped me a lot that day, making sure the set stayed organized and cars moved around safely. Here, with my bullhorn, directing the cast as to what we are about to do.


Cast and extras get in their 1955 period correct wardrobe:


Taking a water and bathroom break between two shots:


The shoot begins with a long steady cam shot. For the first time, I am not behind the camera and feel pretty weird about it... Worry not, shortly thereafter, I was back behind my beloved camera the entire day, until we lost all daylight.


Meanwhile, the two main actors go over their stunts one last time:


We truly are in the middle of "Nowhere" !!


Next week, I will share some of the screengrabs from that shoot and tell you a little more about the Saugus dragstrip.

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