Eaton Detroit Springs

Street Rod Springs


When it comes to the special springs needed by Street Rodders, only a company that actually makes springs and owns Street Rods can truly understand the needs of fellow Rodders.

EATON Detroit Spring is the only company in this category.

We have been manufacturing springs since

1937 and we know what it takes to provide the correct springs for your special ride.
If each street rod is custom made, shouldn't the suspension be custom built?

How can "off the shelf" parts be the "perfect" ones for your ride?

Here are your choices:

Take what some parts hustler has on his shelf right now and be forced to live with the ride
 - or -
Wait a couple of days for custom springs to be made that will give you the ride you want

We call our street rod springs ROD RIDE and they are the only "tunable" springs available for Street Rodders.

What is "tunable" ? Simple. You decide the ride height and ride quality you want for your rod and we custom build it. No one else can say or do this.

Built to eliminate Dangerous Lowering Blocks. The desired ride height is built into each spring.

Forget the hype about the only way to get a good ride is to replace your current suspension with an expensive spring kit.

With over 24,000 OEM spring blueprints, we know what springs are on your vehicle and we build all ROD RIDE Street Rod Springs to bolt directly into the existing brackets.

No cutting, welding or fabricating. Simply take out the old and put in the new.

However, if your suspension has been changed we can still make a set of ROD RIDE Street Rod Springs for you.

What spring would you want on your street rod?

Every spring made by EATON Detroit Spring is made from SAE 5160, which is the highest quality spring steel available,plus every spring is Shot-Peened for longer life.

Credibility is what you seek? Credibility is what you get. EATON Detroit Spring is the ONLY spring manufacturer who has been Licensed by both Ford Motor Company and General Motors to produce authentic Factory Replacement springs and attaching parts.

This means 2 of the biggest vehicle manufacturers believe in our springs.

We have cataloged well over 166,000 stock automotive and light truck leaf and coil spring applications and countless more resto-mod and custom applications.

Because choosing the correct spring can be confusing at times, we will want you to tell us:
Body Style
Engine Size
Transmission Type
Air Conditioned or not
Any MOdifications made to the vehicle
Standard or Heavy-Duty Suspension
And if you want stock height or modified

Our sales staff will take it from there and choose and ship you the correct part number

In business since 1937,
we are the largest North American manufacturer of Custom Coil Springs.

We have:

Over 24,000 Original Manufacturer's Spring Blueprints
A full in-house design staff, for custom spring design & manufacture
Over 166,000 stock Coil & Leaf spring applications

For ordering & Technical info go to www.eatonsprings.com or call

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