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Hedder & Collector Bolts

This section contains the same quality hedder and collector bolts we put into every set of Hedman Hedders. Even the best designed headers may provide practically zero bolt clearance. But, with Hedman's smaller 3/8" wrench size, these hedder bolts have a smaller head than standard header bolts, providing more clearance for installation , tightening or removal.

Hedder bolt kits come in packs of 16 bolts, and are available with either a black oxide or zinc coating.


Each Collector Bolt set comes complete with all the zinc coated fasteners required to bolt up one pair of collectors. "Flat Gasket" style and "Ball & Socket" style collector bolt kits are available.

For additional information on these Hedder Bolts or exhaust systems or any of the many other performance related products available from the Hedman Performance Group, visit www.hedmanperformancegroup.com, or call the tech lines at (562)921-0404 M-F 7:30am-5pm PST.

About Hedman Hedders
Hedman Hedders is a founding member of SEMA, and the original hedder manufacturer. Officially founded way back in 1954, the founder, Bob Hedman was making custom hedders for his buddies, and their buddies to use on their salt flat racers way before that­. Quality manufactured in the USA from day one, Hedman offers one of the largest selections of street legal and off-road and race hedders for cars and trucks.

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