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 It's a well-known fact among engine re-builders and auto mechanics that older engines, especially the flat tappet performance engines manufactured before 1988, require an oil additive known as ZDDP (zinc dialkyldithiophosphate). This additive has been the most effective extreme pressure additive found in quality motor oils for almost 70 years.

ZDDP is a surface modifier that alters bearing and journal surface characteristics to prevent metal-to-metal contact. Under conditions of increased


heat and pressure, the ZDDP molecule quickly plates over the contact surface with an extremely thin glass-like film and provides a sacrificial coating. As soon as the engine conditions get back to normal, the film dissipates back into the oil solution. This action prevents the lifter and cam from making contact and greatly reduces the tendency of parts to scuff and gall under heavy-loaded boundary lubrication situations.

Camshafts (flat tappet design) and lifters found in the high-performance engines definitely fit this category, due to high velocities and accelerations required to open and close valves many times per second. This condition is also found in the piston wrist pins of diesel and other engines. In other words, this description clearly fits the characteristics of the older engines (1988 and earlier).

Back before 1988, normal amounts of ZDDP could be found in our domestic oils. The API grade “SG” oils contained in excess of 0.12% ZDDP by weight. The API grade of oil prior to this was “SF” and had ZDDP concentrations in excess of 0.15%.

In recent years, the EPA required new car manufacturers to guarantee catalytic converters for over 100,000 miles. The use of the additive ZDDP would most likely void new car warranties. Newer cars with roller lifter assemblies supposedly do not need ZDDP in the motor oil for protection.

There are still some single-weight racing oils that contain various amounts of ZDDP, which would offer protection. However, because it is a single-weight oil, it is not the proper oil for many street-driven, high-performance cars. The actual percentage of ZDDP in these special racing oils may or may not be the proper concentration of 0.15% that was found back in 1988 oils under the SF category.

With ZDDPlus™ one 4-ounce bottle poured into a typical 5-quart oil tank brings the ZDDP back to the SF designated level of 0.15% by weight. This matches the original motor oil ZDDP concentration available in 1988 (SF category).

ZDDPlus™ works with any motor oil you’re currently using, including synthetics. It’s the best combination of ingredients for lubrication of extreme pressure points. This is critical in cars/trucks that have flat tappet cams.

Our bottles feature a child proof cap and proper warnings for its use. ZDDPlus™ has a long shelf life, as long as it’s kept sealed and stored where temperatures do not exceed 120 degrees.

The need for this product is huge, since every older performance or classic car, regardless of make or model, needs ZDDP in its motor oil. ZDDPlus™ is not to be used in any OBD II cars (1995 and newer) since it can prematurely erode the catalytic converters.

More information on this important subject can be researched on the internet. Simply type in “ZDDP” and any car model you desire. Or search on “Flat Cam.” Most car models have discussion boards and forums on this problem. While many contemporary problems are discussed, many topics are not suitable for the typical older classic cars or performance cars/trucks.

What about using diesel oils in classic cars? This is not a good alternative for several reasons. Diesel oils contain detergents required for soot and ash control and actually reduce the effectiveness of the added levels of ZDDP. Diesels also have higher bearing clearances, which require higher viscosity oils. As new diesel oil categories get introduced, the amount of ZDDP concentration in the oil will diminish.

The perfect solution to the lack of ZDDP in the current “SM” rated oils is the new product, ZDDPlus™. Our handy 4-ounce bottle has the proper concentration of ZDDP to bring any SM oil category back to SF specifications.

We have conducted analytical tests on almost every well-known current additive and cam break-in lube and none match, or even come close, to the ZDDP content in ZDDPlus™. Test reports are available for review.

The manufacturer of ZDDPlus™ is an avid car enthusiast and discovered the urgent need for this product to save old car engines a few years ago. We realized that oil companies have been forced to remove ZDDP levels because today’s car manufacturers now have to warranty catalytic converters for over 100,000 miles. ZDDP actually shortens the life span of the catalytic converter, raising warranty issues. Also, since cars now have roller lifters, it eliminates the need for ZDDP. The vehicles that fall through the cracks are the older performance and classic cars and trucks. The ZDDPlus™ bottle label clearly states, “Intended for use on PRE-OBD...vehicles only.”

We are a major distributor to promote and distribute ZDDPlus™ to the wholesale and retail market. It is not often that a product comes along that crosses over to virtually every car/truck line and model.

Remember, it’s less than $10 per oil change to protect your engine. That’s an affordable cost to any owner of an old car.

SM Current For all current vehicle engines
SL Current For engines 2004 and older
SJ Current For engines 2001 and older
SH Discontinued For engines 1996 and older
SG Discontinued For engines 1993 and older
SF Discontinued For engines 1988 and older
SE Discontinued Not acceptable for gasoline-powered vehicles engines made after 1979
SD Discontinued Not acceptable for gasoline-powered vehicles engines made after 1971 

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ZddPlus Contact Information

ZDDP Oil Additive
M Caddy Enterprises
P. O. Box 4547
San Dimas, CA
Phone: 909-921-1212

[email protected]
Website: www.zddpoiladditive.com

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