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Have a classic car, collector car or antique car that you are working on or need to store? We have the perfect automotive lift for you

Quality four post Auto Lifts and Lift Accessories
made in the USA

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As the largest manufacturer of four-post freestanding auto lifts for the residential and commercial market, Backyard Buddy is proud to offer a full-line of lifts for cars, trucks and recreational vehicles of all kinds. Our car lifts can be ordered with accessory kits like solid inserts and drip pans which makes Backyard Buddy lift much more versatile than you may expect. They are perfect for storing ATV's, snowmobiles and other seasonal vehicles while providing usable space under the elevated platform. Sometimes called car lifts, truck lifts, car hoists, drive-on car lifts, automotive lifts or vertical platform lifts, our freestanding four post auto lifts are perfect for your home garage and come with the best construction and design on the market making them the safest product available at the best value.

- American structural steel and materials

- American Welding Society Certified Welders

- Standard 5 Year 'Top-to-Bottom' Warranty

- Free standing - Roll around the shop with optional casters

- 4"x4" structural square tubing corner posts instead of other lift's formed open channel

- 12" long outside sliders completely surround the corner posts like a sleeve and capture the locking tabs. There is no chance of accidental disengagement or failure. This gives Backyard Buddy lifts the superior structural integrity needed to be free-standing

- Our runways are built with a heavy steel frame and cross member with the tread plate welded on, not just bent soft tread plate

- Each Backyard Buddy lift is shot blast for better powder coating adhesion- not just acid washed like others

- Critical cable pulleys have grease fittings- compare before you buy!

You Would Be Crazy To Buy Any Other Auto Lift

Easy to assemble- Do-it-yourself!

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Made with pride in the USA

Sam Memmolo, from his TV and Radio shows "Shade Tree Mechanic" and "Two Guys Garage" and now "Sam's Garage Radio Show", assembles his new Backyard Buddy auto lift in his garage.  It took Sam and his friend Joe just two evenings to get his new lift up and running.


7000 lb. Capacity Lifts


9000 lb. Capacity Lifts


Lift Accessories

Protect your Investment

Don't gamble with your investment. Don't rely on automobile scissor lifts or cheap drive-on car lifts to handle your precious cargo or your safety. Trust the company that has been manufacturing the highest quality home car lifts for almost 30 years. We use only the highest quality American or Canadian structural steel. Economy platform lifts, which are most often imported, may appear to have attractive prices but they severely cut corners in the areas of quality, design, materials, performance and safety. We are proud to offer a super lift that will bring you years of enjoyment.


For more info go to www.backyardbuddy.com or call 330-395-9372

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