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B&M SuperCoolers 

Proper fluid temperature is the key to your performance component’s longevity. When modifying performance components such as a transmission to operate near peak potential, it is vital to keep lubricant working at its peak performance as well.
 With a properly engineered and fitted B&M cooler you can ensure your fluid and components are working at their peak potential, plus extend the life of the component. It’s a little added protection to prevent a break-down that leaves you stranded in the middle of the road, or worse yet, in the middle of competition.

SuperCooler Key Features


All aluminum construction
Stacked Plate design
Pressure tested to 200psi
Mounting brackets built into cooler
New 3/8” diameter nipple fittings
Automatic transmission coolers include mounting kit

High technology design includes the ‘Low Pressure
Drop’ feature to reduce the risk of lube system failure.

2. Fluxless, oven brazed construction is vibration resistant.

3. Multiple oil flow paths for maximum cooling efficiency.

4. Revolutionary ‘stacked-plate’ construction

5. Lightweight aluminum alloy for maximum corrosion resistance.

These are just some of the benefits of a B&M cooling system, see each individual B&M cooler for more features and benefits. Click Here

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