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Since its introduction in 1955, the SB Chevy engine has been the workhorse for the GM Corporation. Later on, it became the engine of choice among performance enthusiasts and car builders. The "Mouse Motor", as it was affectionately nicknamed, has also been a flagship application for Hamburger's Performance Products, dating back to the company’s humble beginnings in 1979. But, times are changing. “We felt the winds of change a few years back,” comments Vic Wood, sales manager for The Hedman Performance Group, and long time racer / hot rodder. Vic adds, “The LS series of engines has now replaced the SB Chevy as the engine of choice for street rodders, hot rodders, custom builders and racers. They’re more reliable, pump out more power, and are easier to find now than a SB Chevy. Hamburger's Performance has already begun its focus on the new LS motors, as the LS will continue to become a larger and larger part of the performance pie.”
The R&D Dept. at Hamburger's is always looking for gaps in the marketplace to help gearheads complete their projects better and easier, and LS owners have been asking for an alternative to reusing the stamped factory coil brackets during their custom project.
Hamburger's Performance Products, now offers billet aluminum coil pack brackets for LS engines (#1100). CNC machined from 1/4" thick, 6061-T6 aircraft aluminum billets in its Whittier, California plant, the brackets are then given a Red anodized finish that looks excellent.
Hamburger's coil brackets are sold in pairs, and include stainless steel hex socket fasteners for clean, secure mounting. The brackets have the same bolt pattern as a set of stock LS1/LS6 brackets, but have been designed primarily for use with Hamburger’s Performance Products’ Center Bolt Fabricated Aluminum Valve Covers ( polished / brushed) on modified engines and race vehicles. Although these billet brackets use the same bolt pattern, their larger profile MAY interfere with your vehicle’s stock components. So, if you are thinking about using these brackets with your factory set-up, it is recommended that you check clearance carefully before ordering a pair. The brackets’ dimensions are available on the Hamburger’s website at www.hamburgersperformance.com.
If you aren’t one to shy away from some basic fabrication, these brackets can be mounted on the vehicle's firewall, using your hardware and a little ingenuity. All in all, these brackets are highly functional, and look sharp. They’ll complement virtually any engine compartment.
Currently, Hamburger's coil brackets are for use with MSD#82458 or GM#12558948 coil packs only. More models to be released later in the year. To find out more about Hamburger's Performance Products' LS Coil Pack Brackets, visit www.hamburgersperformance.com, email our tech department at [email protected], or call them directly at (562)921-0404 M-F 7:30-5pm PST.

About Hamburger's Performance Products:
Hamburger's Performance Products was founded in 1979 by Ed Hamburger. Originally known exclusively for affordable racing and high performance oil pans, the company's product line began to expand in the late 1990's, after Hedman Hedders purchased the company. Now, as part of the Hedman Performance Group of companies, Hamburger's Performance now manufactures top shelf, billet aluminum oil filtration components, carburetor spacers and adapters, and EFI spacers to accompany its line of high-performance and racing oil pans.

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