Restoring a MuscleCar? Building a Street Rod? Installing a Sound System in your vehicle?

Hear better Sound! Get more Bass! Kill the vibration! Stop the rattles!

Installing a sound system, or just trying to quiet down that commute and make your ride more comfortable. HushMat sound deadening materials eliminate vibration, road noise, wind noise and that annoying rattle that distorts your listening pleasure. HushMat material technology provides the easiest to install, highest performance products available. HushMat offers 4 products to treat the entire vehicle. Enjoy a Cool, Quiet and Comfortable ride when you install HushMat with your car audio system.


Ultra sound deadening, vibration damping material for every car audio installation
 . Achieve 4 X the performance versus
   other brands.
 . Better Damping
 . Better Flexibility
 . Better Adhesion
 . More product per square foot
 . Superior Value!
Hear More Bass!
Get More Power from your amplifier. Stop outside noise from distorting your listening pleasure. Try HushMat Ultra today!


Silencer Megabond sound absorbing & sound proofing foam

 . Enjoy better Sound Quality
 . Absorbs airborne noise up to 4000 Hz
 . Performs up to 300 degrees F
 . Absorbs exhaust noise, road noise
   and wind noise
Treat your door panels, headliner and under carpet.

Self Adhesive & cuts with household scissors. Super flexible for easy installation.


HUSHMAT manufactures acoustic and thermal insulation accessory products for automotive audio, hot rod, muscle car and home theater applications.
Results include sound deadening, vibration damping (dampening), & heat insulation.


Butyl tape to secure wire & cable

 . Replaces duct tape
 . Great for every electronic install
 . Adheres for the life of your car
 . Simple peel & stick application
 . Stops rattles
 . Holds wires to metal, plastic,
   fiberglass, wood


Light weight, water based, seam sealing & damping material
 . Seals & coats subwoofer enclosures
 . Stops Trunk Lids from rattling
 . Sandable, Paintable when cured
 . Dampens hard to reach areas
 . Easy to apply caulk tube and nozzle
 . Cures in 3 hours

For More Info on these products or where to buy HushMat go to www.hushmat.com or call 913-599-2600

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