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Special Offer Available for Hotrodhotline Readers

Lojack Offers New Stolen Vehicle Recovery System Designed Specifically To Protect Classic Cars, Hot Rods And Muscle Cars

The Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price is a one-time cost of $695, but LoJack is offering HotRodHotline.com readers a special offer of $295 now through November 30, 2010.

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LoJack, the company that invented the stolen vehicle recovery market, recently announced the availability of LoJack for Classics, a stolen vehicle recovery system that is specially designed to meet the unique requirements of classic cars, muscle cars and hot rods and help owners protect their valuable investment. 
The system leverages LoJack’s newly released self-powered stolen vehicle recovery technology, which offers several advantages that make it ideally suited to classic cars.  One key benefit is that the self-powered LoJack for Classics does not draw energy from a vehicle’s battery, and as such does not need to be connected to the vehicle’s electrical system. LoJack for Classics leverages the company’s proven Radio Frequency technology, is directly integrated with police and is highly covert – all of which have enabled LoJack to deliver a better than 90 percent recovery success rate for car and trucks for more than 20 years. 
Additionally, LoJack offers a personalized installation process to meet the specific needs of classic car owners. The system is installed by select, certified LoJack installers, who take the utmost care to preserve the integrity of the car’s interior and exterior. This covert system can be hidden in one of a variety of locations, which can be specified by the vehicle owner. 
“As a former police auto theft detective and the owner of several classic cars, I know just how vulnerable classic cars are to theft,” said Ted Saraf, LoJack Law Enforcement Liaison. “This new system will provide my fellow classic car owners with a powerful means not only to protect their vehicles, but to get them back if they’re ever stolen.” 

LoJack for Classics features:
· A self-powered system that is independent of the car’s battery and wiring so it won’t drain power
· Specialized installation process performed by a certified LoJack for Classics technician; it’s highly covert and noninvasive
· 90% recovery rate that guarantees a 24-hour recovery or your money back
· The only system directly integrated with state, local and federal police
· Proven technology that utilizes Radio Frequency to track vehicles where GPS can’t, including garages or storage facilities
· One-time purchase price -- no monthly fees



This 32 Roadster along with a trailer and Ford truck were stolen on Oct 10th in San Antonio, TX.  The owners are naturally heartbroken....  please be on the lookout for this car and/or the truck and trailer. 

We are seeing a huge increase in the number of stolen rods and muscle cars lately... we have 3 reports this week and are just waiting for details on the others. Get more info here

You Cannot afford to not have LOJACK
Stolen Vehicle Recovery System
Take Advantage of this Special Now!

Pricing and Availability
LoJack for Classics is available immediately. The Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price is a one-time cost of $695, but LoJack is offering HotRodHotline.com readers a special offer of $295 now through November 30, 2010. Readers can take advantage of this special offer by Visiting https://store.lojack.com or calling (800) 838-1177 x 3873 and using the promo code CC2EML295.


(800) 838-1177  X 3873

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