Car Lock

For cars you really care about.
It’s your ride, drive it when you want, where you want!


The Car Lock, most commonly referred to as a Wheel Immobilizer is the ultimate theft protection for the true car enthusiast. Hot rods, muscle cars, classics and exotic rides are extremely vulnerable to theft when left unattended. Older cars don’t have electronic alarms and are not very secure. With the Car Lock you can drive that special car without worrying about where or how long you’ll park it. Take advantage of out of town car shows, weekend rallies, and short trips around town without fear of car theft. Stop worrying, the Car Lock will protect your vehicle while out on the streets and in your garage. From trunk to wheel in 20 seconds. It’s that easy.

Engineered without compromise.
The Car Lock is the most advanced wheel clamp anti-theft deterrent available to immobilize your vehicle. Use it alone or with other types of theft protection. It compliments any anti-theft devices that you might already have because as you know even the most advanced electronic alarm systems are not 100% effective in preventing car theft. A car is stolen every 28.8 seconds, totaling 1.1 million a year according to the Insurance Information Institute. Today just having a car alarm doesn’t guarantee your car's safety because “Bystander Apathy” causes people to ignore car alarms. The Car Lock is all you really need. It’s easy to use, quick to install and effective. Thieves will not be able to drive a car secured with the Car Lock.


The Car Lock is commonly referred to as a boot lock, wheel immobilizer or wheel boot however, the Car Lock has features that are far superior to an ordinary wheel clamp.
The McGard Car Lock is attractively designed, easy to use, light weight, and easy to carry and stow. The simple 2-piece ratcheting design installs in seconds on virtually all wheels and tires.
McGard utilizes the best tumbler lock available. The patented Medeco cylinder lock. Exclusive McGard key patterns are utilized for total security, with replacement or extra keys available only from McGard.
Manufactured from the finest materials for years of trouble-free theft protection, the Car Lock’s precision manufacturing ensures the highest quality final product.

Other wheel immobilizers and boot locks don’t compare to the theft protection offered by the Car Lock. The McGard Car Lock offers more features, more security, and more convenience than any other brand of mechanical anti-theft device. Dollar for dollar the best security value for the money!

To order the Car Lock, or for more information, contact McGard:
Email or Call 800-669-6887 and ask for Car Lock Sales.

MSRP $349.00
Special Internet Price: $299.00

p/n 76048 ORANGE Lock
p/n 76049 YELLOW Lock

For more information, please visit us at www.mcgard.com or call 800-444-5847

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