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This PERFECT®™ Engine Management System

This PERFECT®™ Engine Management System developed by Painless Performance®™ provides an opportunity for the avid car nut to upgrade their hot rod with a simple-to-install fuel injection system. Benefits gained when a fuel injected engine is transplanted into a hotrod are:

Active fuel management
Fantastic cold starts
Better fuel efficiency
Reduced exhaust smell
Reduced engine noise
Longer service intervals


This PERFECT®™ Engine Management System consists of four key components:

1. A compact, weatherproof 4.8 5.3 6.0L Gen3 engine control module. NOTE: Included calibration to be used with GM 5.3L Gen3 engines from donor vehicles (1999-2006 Chevrolet/GMC full size pick-ups and SUVs). Absolutely no programming of the computer is required to run these stock engines - just plug-and-play.  If used with 4.8L or 6.0L engines or with any engine modifications from stock on 4.8/5.3/6.0L engines, calibration must be modified with the included software. This harness supports engines with Delphi Multec 2 fuel injectors. Click here to identify which injector your engine has.

2. A brand new engine harness with all the OEM sensor connectors and circuits to make your engine run and look great while doing so. Weatherproof fuseblock with built in fuel pump, ignition, electric cooling fan and an A/C circuit relay. Fuel pump relay is controlled by the PERFECT Engine controller. Ignition relay is used to power up the fuel injection harness. Electric cooling fan relay will operated one electric cooling fan with an amperage rating of up to 40 AMPs. A/C relay is used to tell the engine controller when the a/c compressor is commanded on by any factory or aftermarket a/c system. With this harness your electric cooling fan will be activated according to preset engine temperature setting in the calibration and a/c compressor activation.

3. PERFECT Cal-Tool®™ part number 65245.  With this plug-n-play software and a laptop anyone can tune for almost all engine upgrades.

4. A fully illustrated installation manual.

Painless Performance
2501 Ludelle St
Fort Worth, Texas 76105


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