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The Solution: Enthusiast Grade™
The New Standard in Detailing Products,

Only From Surf City Garage

Huntington Beach, Calif. (June 2, 2010) Roughly 30 million travelers took to the roads this Memorial Day Weekend according to AAA, and while they likely had a great time on their trip, their cars didn’t fare so well. Whether tar, road grime or swarms of sticky bugs stuck to the exterior, or a child’s beverage stained the seats and carpeting, most post-Memorial Day road trip vehicles are beyond help from the car wash.

Surf City Garage, manufacturer of the world’s only Enthusiast Grade detailing product line, has the perfect solution to the post-road trip automobile blues – a complete line of products made by enthusiasts for enthusiasts to quickly and easily “Take the road off your ride” and protect your vehicle’s surfaces inside and out.

Surf City Garage detailing products were created by automotive enthusiast Tim Miller, who wanted absolute, uncompromising, undiluted quality for his own car collection but wasn’t satisfied with other company’s offerings. He found that other products actually harmed a vehicle’s finish because they used inexpensive, harsh chemicals, or because they were watered down and just a plain waste of money. While Tim never intended to sell his detailing product line, his friends convinced him otherwise after trying it out for themselves. The result is Enthusiast Grade™ – a new standard of detailing products with a difference you can see, a difference you can feel, and a difference you can experience. What’s more, there is no better time than now to experience the Enthusiast Grade difference, because a select number of these products are on sale at a 25 percent discount through June 30 at all Pep Boys stores. To claim your 25 percent off coupon, visit: http://www.pepboys.com/sale_specials/coupons/surf_city_car_care.


“The last thing drivers need after a vacation is a tough time cleaning up their vehicles”, said Tim Miller, founder and CEO of Surf City Garage. “The reason more and more enthusiasts are switching from their old-time favorites to Surf City Garage is that we deliver a longer-lasting, easier-to-use, higher level of performance for their money, plain and simple”.

Some of Tim’s top post-road trip Enthusiast Grade product recommendations are:

Road Trip™ Grime Destroyer: Road Trip is the only bug and tar remover powerful enough to deal with the infamous Love Bugs of Florida , the most paint damaging insects known to man. Road Trip’s powerful triple-action, Enthusiast Grade gel formula dissolves, degreases and cleans any surface of your car in just 30 seconds. Whether the problem is tree sap, tar, bird droppings or road grime, Road Trip safely removes it all.

Pacific Blue Wash & Wax: Did you know that washing your car is the first opportunity to scratch it? The fact is that 90 percent of all damage to your car’s paint comes from using economy car wash. Now, with Enthusiast Grade Pacific Blue, you can wash and wax without a scratch. Pacific Blue’s super-concentrated, maximum protection #1 Carnauba wax formula isolates dirt particles so they can’t scratch your paint. And it won’t strip your existing wax. It even smells great, just like the Pacific itself.

 Dash Away Interior Detailer 24oz: No matter what kind of dirt you have or how long it’s been there, use Dash Away to make it all vanish in minutes. Just one spray on every surface from carpet, vinyl, and fabric to leather, cloth and plastic—gives you super-fast, 100 percent safe, Enthusiast Grade cleaning with no greasy film residue and maximum UV protection.

 Voodoo Blend™ Leather Rejuvenator:  Take the oil away from leather and your seats start looking like cracks in the desert floor. This isn’t very appealing or comfortable. So Surf City Garage found the best beeswax on the planet and combined it with oil-replenishing lanolin. The result is Voodoo Blend. This Enthusiast Grade product conditions leather that’s new, rejuvenates leather that’s old, and provides long-lasting waterproofing protection for both.

Beyond Black Tire Pro 24oz: Hose down your tires and they look better than ever, blacker than night itself. Unfortunately, that look lasts maybe 20 minutes. Surf City Garage wanted to make it last for weeks. That’s why they created Beyond Black, the ultimate, Enthusiast Grade tire dressing that makes your tires look wetter than wet and blacker than black. Its no sling, no gel formula is never greasy and dirt won’t stick, plus it even protects against UV rays.


 Surf City Garage Enthusiast Grade products set the new standard for detailing results. From the formulas and quality of the ingredients to the ergonomics of the bottles and even the performance of the sprayers, no compromise is allowed when it comes to real-world performance, quality, longevity and protection. That’s why Founder & CEO Tim Miller’s unconditional guarantee – “If this product isn’t the best you’ve ever used, give me a call and I’ll personally buy it back “ appears on every Surf City Garage bottle sold.

 About Surf City Garage

 Surf City Garage is the fastest growing detailing products company on the planet and the only one that maintains its own restoration shop and collection of over 125 vintage muscle cars. To keep the cars looking great, Tim Miller, the company’s founder and CEO, tried every car care product around, but he simply wasn’t satisfied with the quality or performance. So he developed his own Enthusiast Grade detailing products –recognized around the world as the best anyone can buy. Made by enthusiasts for enthusiasts, they are sold at major auto parts stores (including Pep Boys, NAPA , Advance Auto Parts, and O’Reilly Auto Parts) and other leading auto parts stores and speed shops throughout North America, South America, Europe, Asia and Australia . For more information, please visit www.surfcitygarage.com.

Don’t Forget your 20% off coupon

Surf City Pep Boys

For more info on Surf City Garage Products Go to

Surf City Garage
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