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Vintage Air, Inc. manufactures a wide array of components for air conditioning your vehicle. We specialize in manufacturing products that can be used to air condition most any type of vehicle. Our main focus is within the specialty car market such as Streetrods, Muscle cars, Customs, and Classic cars and trucks. The Gen II universal system can be installed in any vehicle with an engine that can drive the compressor and enough space to provide fresh cool air to flow over a condenser.

Tite-Fit™ Compressor Line Kits and Tite-Fit™ Nuts


San Antonio, TX – Vintage Air, Inc., recently introduced two more cool, innovative air-conditioning products – Tite-Fit™ Compressor Line Kits and Tite-Fit™ Nuts.

The Tite-Fit™ Compressor Line Kit features pre-formed hard lines that route both the high- and low-pressure lines close to the compressor body for a clean, tight application.

Available for both pre- and post-1935 applications, Tite-Fit™ Compressor Line Kits offer an affordable alternative to stainless hardlines, ideal for the budget-minded builders who still desires that distinctive, hardline look.

The natural partner to the Tite-Fit™ Compressor Line Kit is the optional Tite-Fit™ Nuts and clamps. Made from stainless steel, the Tite-Fit™ Nuts are the first substantial improvement to the conventional fitting nut. The hex surface is located on the shoulder portion of the nut, allowing for a smaller wrench size for improved access in tight areas. Tite-Fit™ Nuts are available in three standard automotive air conditioning sizes-- #6, #8, and #10.

For more information on the The Tite-Fit™ Compressor Line Kits and nuts, as well as the entire line of cool Vintage Air products, contact Vintage Air, Inc. at 10305 IH 35 North, San Antonio, Texas 78233, 1-800-TO-COOL-U (862-6658), Fax: 210-654-3113.

For more info click on www.vintageair.com


Vintage Air, Inc. is the leading manufacturer of Performance Air Conditioning systems for your Streetrod, Muscle car, or Classic Car and Truck. To find out more about this product visit our website at www.vintageair.com or call 1-800-To-Cool-U (862-6658)

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