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Sway Bar Kit (anti-roll bar), rear, 36" wide trim-to-fit


Sway Bar Kit (anti-roll bar), rear, 36" wide, but can be cut down (with a hack saw) to any length.. The bar is " diameter with one end splined -36. The other end of the bar is smooth. This smooth end gets pinned and welded into a coupler which attached to one of the arms. The laser-cut, 3/8" thick arms are 8" center-to-center. Formed tabs weld to the outer tube and connect the bar to the rear crossmember using the coil-over bolts. Urethane bushings insulate road vibration. Rod ends connect the arms to the tabs that weld to the rear end. Overall length is " longer than the bar length, since the 3/8" arms mount outside the ends of the bar. The arms can be bent to clear the coil-overs. To mount the sway bar to a crossmember tube without coilover bolts, please see the video "Sway Bar Options". To order the kit like this, please add a comment in the order check-out. No extra charge. WS22700 $250.00



Parts included:
Listed by: Part #, Description, Quantity Required
#227363 Sway bar 1
#227362 Tube for sway bar 1
#227005Crossmember bracket, formed, 5/8" hole 2
#227022Sway bar arm (curved) with 3/8" hole 2
#C736X2A Coupler, splined -36 1
#227010 Spacer/coupler 1
#227011 Split pin ass'y 1
#227031 Axle tab, 10 ga 4
#1203 Urethane bushing half 2
#VCM6 Rod end, 3/8" male 2
#VCW6 Rod end, 3/8" female 2
#HC-45 Bolt, 3/8-16 RHx 1 " long, Grade 5 hex, zinc plated, 4
#NS-37 Nut, 3/8-16 RH Nylok, zinc plated 4
#HN-61 Nut, 3/8-24 RH jam 2
#656-046 Washer, 3/8 SAE, flat, zinc plated 8
#656-050 Washer, 5/8 SAE, flat, zinc plated 2

For more info go to www.welderseries.com
or call 1-877-467-8662

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