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For American V 8  Engines


Available for the following:    Chevy  SB or BB  Standard or Tall Deck,  Ford 289/302 ,          
Ford Windsor , Ford Cleveland, Ford FE , Chrysler SB 273/318/340/360 ,  Chrysler 361/383/400 Chrysler 413/426/440 and Hemi ,  Pontiac 400,. and  AMC ,  Jeep

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With D-W-E-L-L Control, Internal Tach Driver and Static Timing LED Light.

The DIS4 (Distributorless Ignition System) is derived from new technology created by OEM’s to improve timing issues, energy loss, spark degradation and low emission standards associated with normal distributors. By isolating the electronics and incorporating them into our billet aluminum lid, we are able to retrofit technology from this century into your classic car. Improving timing consistency at all RPM’s, no loss in energy due to spark degradation, better fuel economy, easier start-up and more power!
The DIS4 is built rugged to handle any terrain… Water, dirt or sand cannot enter the DIS4. It’s a completely sealed unit!



Conventional cap and rotors allow for spark degradation, arching and ozone as the current travels through the rotor and across to the cap contacts. By doing away with these antique parts, the DIS8™ is capable of supplying a full energy charge from the coils to the spark plug with no spark loss. By designing a system that does not use a cap and rotor; we have essentially worked the antique out of your classic ignition system... and helped you into the 21st century! 

Regardless of brand names, or claims to the contrary... The DIS system delivers more power than any single coil system, Bar None!

Math and Physics can't be argued with. Simply put... It works!


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ABOUT US:  Compu-Tronix………… A new name, built on an innovative and successful past.Our corporate color may be green, but we are not… The engineering staff at Compu-Tronix has been designing and manufacturing electronic ignition systems for over 40 years. We have continually been a pioneer of innovative products, obtaining numerous design patents along the way. To our credit, the following design accomplishments;
The first electronically triggered ignition system ever installed on an automobile.
The first electronic ignition module that fit entirely within a distributor.
The first Distributorless Ignition System that could be easily retrofit to a conventional breaker point distributor.
The first microprocessor ignition system ever installed on Harley-Davidson motorcycles.
US Patents; 3906920, 3581720, 3581725, 6895915, D467541, D429216.
Ignition products created by the engineering staff at Compu-Tronix are currently being sold world wide by three different manufacturers. The technology in these products was developed over the last 25 years and, in all cases, represented the state of the art when they were introduced several years ago.

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