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House of Kolor Digital Paint Booth

Upcoming SEMA Launch

House of Kolor Digital Paintbooth 3-D

A new version of the House of Kolor’s award winning Digital Paintbooth will soon be released! This new version is industry changing as it features all vehicles in 3-D. The House of Kolor Digital software allows you to choose from popular vehicles and paint them digitally on your computer screen. You can change paint colors, generate fades, create two-tones, or add pre-made graphics. The new version House of Kolor Digital Paintbooth 3-D will allow users to see the vehicle from all sides. You will also be able to turn on and off vehicle features like mirrors and emblems. You can virtually chop and lower your vehicle. The possibilities are endless. House of Kolor Digital Paintbooth will also offer for the first time the ability to change wheels. If you are trying to choose between a few different wheel styles, try them both out!! The user will be able to control the wheel offsets, thread height, hoop colors and more. All of it will be in realistic 3-D!!!!

Once your design is complete, you can print out a complete materials list. House of Kolor Digital Paint Booth 3-D gives you the power to create the Custom Ride of your dreams, just as you have always imagined it - in House of Kolor. For more information contact :

We will be in the House of Kolor Booth at SEMA - Booth # 23313


Give us a call at 1-888-294-0984


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