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Fatman Fabrications
Mustang II Kits


All Fatman Fabrication Mustang II Kits are fully welded and ground using SAE 1018 Steel.   Tubular arm crossmembers are boxed  on the ends for a cleaner appearance.   We use PAD design systems to insure accuracy and correct geometry.
All of these kits are available in staged Hub-to-Hub Kits We list here the basic kits, less all bolt on suspension parts. These are great for the guy who would rather gather his own parts, or just needs to spread the purchase out over time. Each Mustang II kit is fitted precisely to the specific car we list. There is no need for a “Universal” (you-make-it-fit) kit with Fatman! If you have a custom application, or one that is not listed, please call for a simple worksheet and personal attention to your wishes

We cover so many applications we can’t list them all here....  Each kit is fitted to it’s unique frame.  Any kit can be ordered Hub-to-Hub,  Stage I, II, II,  Stage IV,  Air Ride and Stage V-Shockwave.  The choices are endless so we can get the exact setup you want and need.   Watch the video below to learn more about our options.  Or download our catalog from our homepage. 


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ABOUT US: Fatman Fabrications Inc. was founded on August 1, 1985 by Brent VanDervort. Brent and an older brother restored a 1930 Model A pick up as a high school car and even took their Driver's Test in that car. Having built over 20 cars for himself and friends as a side job over the previous 17 years, building hot rod parts seemed a natural progression. A second trip to college after moving to Charlotte netted a Mechanical Engineering education that was added to an earlier Business Management degree. The combination of real world fabrication experience and formal education equipped Fatman's with the knowledge needed to design practical parts for real rodders.

As the business grew to over 40 employees, a 6 acre plot was purchased to give Fatman a home that would accept that expansion. We currently occupy 4 buildings totaling 22,000 square feet. The area is split up into Sales, warehouse, shipping, MII kit, frame stub, tubular product, complete chassis, and prototype/customer installation shops. Other associated business supply services necessary to the building of hot rods, creating a "Hot Rod Mall" where an owner can go door to door to complete his project.

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