Fatman’s Frame Stubs

Fatman’s frame stubs were  developed to allow the installation of a modern IFS into cars whose original frame did not allow use of a simple crossmember.  By carefully plotting the location of the radiator, sheetmetal, and bumper mounts, these trick units can easily replace the original front frame and supply Fatman’s custom IFS

57 Buick Stub

 systems for up to date handling and style.  Options include coilovers, Airride, big brakes, power steering, etc. to dial in the design you like best.  Each stub is specific to its application, covering nearly any 1934-‘64 car which was built with a factory installed Independent Front Suspension, so there’s no need to adapt a “Universal” you-make-it-fit-kit here! 

About Fat Man Fabrications

Our mission is to develop parts that allow you to bring the handling and ride quality of your vintage hot rod up to the safety and comfort standards of today. We all love the look of these fine cars and trucks, but want the drivability of modern cars.

We cover a vast variety of vehicle from the late 1920’s to the 1980’s. When a new application is being investigated, we first examine the stock suspension to see how it can be improved. For many people who want an economical upgrading approach to building their hot rod, this concept works well. Then we go back and look at ways to completely replace the vintage designs with more modern components. This may include our Strut Kits for Unibody cars, Frame stubs, and complete new chassis. When the project is an attempt to make the car all it could be, this is often the better way to go. Our polished stainless control arms are an example of how a fully functional suspension can have show quality appearance without sacrificing practicality.

For more info, dial 704.545.0369 or surf at


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