Krist Kustoms - Mobile Kustom Interior Services

Have you ever wanted a first class, award-winning custom interior for your rod or custom, but didn't want to drive across the country to get it?

Krist Kustoms has the perfect solution for you, they bring their shop to you! That's right, they decided to put the show on the road, and will come to your doorstep and upholster your car on location. The Krist Kustoms team will travel anywhere in the USA or Canada, they just need a fairly small space to set up their mobile shop, and the custom interior magic will unfold in front of your eyes! Krist Kustoms is willing to perform their work on location at rod shops also! After being in business for over 12 years, their custom interiors have won numerous awards, and their work has been featured in a multitude of magazines. Check out their extensive portfolio of custom interiors at www.kristkustoms.com, and give them a call at 260-490-8888 if you want them to bring the Krist Kustoms magic mobile interior shop to you!

We will be in the Texas area March/April/May. If you are looking for an award winning custom Interior for your car, give us a call!


[email protected]

About Us:

Krist Kustoms was established by Shawn Krist in 1998. Shawn's wife Jenna started working full time at Krist Kustoms in 2004. Believe it or not, paperwork isn't her forte, she builds and upholsters many of the complex panels you see in our interiors. Shortly after that, Chris Latham ditched his desk job for a full time gig at Krist Kustoms. For over 10 years, we have been designing and fabricating high quality, award winning hot rod interiors. We cater to the automotive enthusiast who demands the high quality and detail oriented design and fabrication that goes into every vehicle that enters our shop. Over the years, we have found there to be a lack of high quality, upholsterer-friendly hot rod interior products. This led us into the development of our own line of hot rod interior parts and seats. We may not be the biggest manufacturer of interior products, but we have a unique line of seats and parts that cannot be found anywhere else. Although we have built up an extensive line of products over the past 4 or 5 years, the main focus of Krist Kustoms is, and always will be, our hot rod interiors that are hand-crafted at our shop in Fort Wayne.

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