A Walk Down Memory Lane.....Do you Remember When?


  • Visited the Old Trappers Museum, or the Trading Post on San Fernando Road where "King Kong" lived.
  • Cruised Bob's in Toluca Lake, Van Nuys, Canoga Park, Glendale or San Fernando or cruised Van Nuys or Hollywood Boulevards
  • Had a beer at the Cactus, the Web or the Ramp.
  • Ate burgers at Times, Crazy's, Bob's, the Sirloin Burger, the Dip, A&W Root Beer in Reseda, Oscar's or Winchells
  • Drag raced on Sheldon, Clybourn, Wentworth, Corbin, Mason, Canoga Ave or the River Road
  • Swam at Sun Valley Park, Pops Willow Lake, Fernangeles Park, Pickwick, Crystal Plunge, Reseda Park or Mc Cambridge Park
  • Went to the Victory, San Val, Sepulveda, Laurel, Van Nuys, Reseda, Canoga or Pickwick Drive-In in the trunk of a car
  • Bought Christmas presents at Akron, White Front, Fedco, Zody's, Gemco, Sav-On or Unimart
  • Ate pizza at Mikes on Van Nuys Boulevard
  • Bought your Levis and Sir Guys at Sun Valley Men and Boys or Peoples Store in San Fernando or the War Surplus in Van Nuys ($3.25 a pair)
  • Went water skiing boating on Hansen Dam when they allowed power boats
  • Thought the only Valley was the San Fernando Valley
  • Had a 45 record player in your car.
  • Did not have to speak Spanish to read the billboards and menus.
  • Ate a hot dog at Hugo's or Cupids
  • Thought the only Canyon was La Tuna Canyon
  • Ever bought gas at the Seaside on Sunland and Penrose or the Flying A on Sunland and San Fernando.
  • Heard the Air Raid sirens at 10:00AM on the last Friday of the month.
  • Saw a boxing match or roller derby at the Valley Gardens
  • Bought milk at the Altadena Dairy, Manfull Dairy or the Roger Jessup Dairy when they had cows at the dairy.
  • Bought stuff at Whalen's Drug on Vineland and San Fernando
  • Roller Skated at Melody Land, Rainbow Roller Rink or the Rollercade on Lankershim and Hart.
  • Pitted at the San Fernando Drags
  • Ice Skated at Schramms
  • Remember when the Seaside changed into a tire shop with a gorilla out front.
  • Saw the L.A. Rams play in the LA Memorial Coliseum under coach Sid Gillman
  • Owned a club plaque and jacket that said: Deacons, Pagans, Townsmen, Apollos, Khans, Lazy Gents, Road Runners, Throttlers, Chancellors, Street Racers, Igniters, Poor Boys, Lobos, Lost Angels, Night Owls, Drifters, Innocents, Lynchmen, Nomads, Uhlans, Majestics, Diablos, Sultans, Strokers, Titans, Turks, Saints, Night Walkers, Road Huggers, Road Dusters, Rebels, Sidewinders, Midnighters, Prowlers, Road Kings or Jokers.
  • Remember when the mid-air crash rained flaming debris on the boy's athletic field of Pacoima Junior High.
  • Ate Chinese Food at Phil Ahn's Moongate
  • Watched the Los Angeles Angels play baseball at Wrigley Field or the Hollywood Stars play at Gilmore Field.
  • Remember when the "partial" nuclear meltdown in experimental reactor in Chatsworth in 1959 affected everyone west of Coldwater Canyon.
  • Had a 76x-xxxx (ROscoe x-xxx), 78x-xxxx (STate x-xxx) or 24x-xxx Chase x-xxx telephone number
  • Ever had to ask Louis Forsch to help you find anything at Roscoe Hardware.
  • Were around when Roscoe became Sun Valley
  • Had a relative or friend who worked at Lockheed when it was in Burbank.
  • Went to Blackies or Cooper and Suds looking for auto parts.
  • Bought Auto Parts at Rounds or The Chrome House
  • Bought speed parts at Hot Rod Henry's on Lankershim
  • Attended Glenwood, Fernangeles, Canterbury, Roscoe, Stonehurst, Oxnard, or Vinedale Elementary Schools
  • Were in an "A" or "B" Grade at Sun Valley or Byrd Junior High, or Walter Reed Jr. High…before they became Middle Schools"
  • Bought doughnuts off the Helm's truck
  • Experienced fine dining at Ever dined at Van De Kamps, Leon's, the Red Barn, Hodys, Sargents, Rusty's, Otto's Pink Pig, the Pink Café, the Long Green Café, Chris and Pitts, Tail o' the Cock, the Sherman Room, the Red Lantern, the White Horse Inn or the Smoke House.
  • Got your news from the Valley Times, the Pink Sheet or the Valley Green Sheet.
  • Bought crap at the Twin Cannon Trading Post or Palleys
  • Bought primer or Bondo at Standard Brands
  • Had hubcaps called Lancers, Spinners or Moons. Got your car lowered at Smokey Cohea's Muffler Shop.
  • Looked at but never bought a rhinestone shirt at Nudies on Lankershim
  • Took a date to the Cornell, Magnolia, Burbank, Loma, La Reina, Panorama, Lankershim, or the El Portal.
  • Rode your bike or hitchhiked everywhere before mothers became the mode of transportation for kids.
  • Went to the San Fernando Valley Fair at Devonshire Downs.
  • Used clothes pins and playing cards to make your ride cool.
  • Knew where Basillone Homes, Orcas, Roger Young Village were…but never went there.
  • Went to the "new" Mall, the Valley Plaza on Laurel Canyon
  • Remember the gravel pit on Vineland that became Gemco and then became a pit again when it sunk.
  • Watched the submarine races at Stough Park, Hansen Dam, the top of the Canyon, Glen Haven Cemetery,
  • Bowled at the Mar Lindo, Matador, Starlight, Ronell or Sun Valley bowling alleys
  • Were ever in the Palomino Club
  • Raced on the GoldenState or 210 freeways before they were opened.
  • Waited for the train on Vineland, Hollywood Way or Tuxford
  • Went to see Santa and his Reindeer in Panorama City
  • Saw C/S (Con Safos Por Vida) in every Men's room in the Valley and wondered what it meant.
  • Took trash to the Tuxford or Branford dump
  • Remember when gangster Mickey Cohen witnessed somebody putting a bullet between the eyes of Jack (the Enforcer) Whalen on Ventura Boulevard in Sherman Oaks
  • Knew that Mother Frances Xavier Cabrini was the first American canonized as a saint by the Roman Catholic Church. She was declared the saint of immigrants in 1946.

ˇ   Heard stories, or had relatives involved in the Prohibition raids which shut down vineyards and stills in the Sun Valley area. In 1927 alone, police in the Valley raided twenty makeshift distilleries, arrested 157 bootleggers (probably some of your relatives) and seized 50,000 gallons of illegal hooch.


Early Van Nuys Blvd.


Van Nuys High School




Sight N Sound - KMPC




Bob’s Big Boy

Click on link for a little Van Nuys High School History

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