NEW MSD Ignition Releases Digital 6A and 6AL

In 2011 the MSD 6A and 6AL will be all new! New digital control. New power. New rotary dial rev limiter. Same great MSD style. The ignitions have been redesigned from the ground up with the performance enthusiast in mind.

535 volts through redline rpm
Digital controls provide superior spark accuracy
Rotary dials for easy rev limit setting
Maintains footprint dimensions with shorter profile
Locking, sealed clip holds all wires
Available Now!

The engineers put all digital controls inside so that the box delivers more power while drawing less current from the vehicle’s electrical system. Then we added a sealing, locking


connector that all of the wires are routed through to add to the clean look and make installations even easier. Finally, for the 6AL the rev limiter was turned into two rotary dials and moved to the face of the ignition for easy adjustment in 100 rpm increments.

These new boxes are bringing back MSD’s MVP Pricing too!
Retail 6A - $174.90 and 6AL $214.90

All of this combines to create the best 6-Series ignition control the aftermarket has ever seen!

To find out more about the 6A Click Here

To find out more about the 6AL Click Here

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