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Nostalgia Racing Highlights 20th California Hot Rod Reunion
More than 300 Vintage Dragsters Ready to Roar Down the Track


BAKERSFIELD, Calif. – More than 300 racers are headed to the 20th NHRA California Hot Rod Reunion presented by Automobile Club of Southern California, Oct. 21-23 at Auto Club Famoso Raceway. Jim Murphy, Tony Bartone, Brett Harris, Ron Capps, Mendy Fry, Ron Huegli and Mike Lewis are just some of the recognizable racers that are looking forward to on-track action at the Reunion.

“I always look forward to the track at Famoso....There is a certain feel that place has, a certain smell that takes me right back to being there when I was a kid. The most unique is the atmosphere of what it was years ago watching nostalgia nitro funny cars, front motored top fuel dragters, Henry J's, Anglia's, and best of all the Fuel Altereds, all make runs during the day, it's a great time,” said NHRA Funny Car driver Ron Capps.

From Nostalgia Top Fuel and Funny Cars, to exhibitions and even some Midwestern Gassers, the California Hot Rod Reunion gives fans a one-of-a-kind experience different from today’s drag races. “This is racing just the way it used to be 50s through 70s. It’s also a great opportunity to share it with younger generations and share the unpredictable, fun of nostalgia style drag racing,” said Reunion organizer and this year’s Grand Marshal Steve Gibbs.
Since its inception in 1992, the NHRA California Hot Rod Reunion has offered hot rodders and racers the opportunity to reunite with old friends and reminisce about “the good old days.” The Reunion includes nostalgia drag racing, historical displays, legends and stars of the sport, and the highly popular “Cacklefest,” which involves early-days-style front-engine dragsters being push-started, then all gathered together down the drag strip center line with engines running or ‘cackling.”

Here is a list of the 20th CHRR racer entries:

Entries as of Oct. 6, 2011:

  • 2006 CHRR & March Meet Champ Jim Murphy of Santa Rosa, CA.,
  • 2007 CHRR/2010 NHRR Champ Brad Thompson of High Speed Motorsports (Anaheim, CA.),
  • First CHRR Champ (1992) Bill Dunlap of Placentia, CA.,
  • Jim Boyd of Redondo Beach, CA.,
  • 2009 NHRA Winternationals FC champ Tony Bartone of Long Island, NY,
  • Brett Harris of Utah,
  • Dan Horan of Big Bear City, CA.,
  • Terry Cox of Sacramento, CA.,
  • Mike Irwin of Sacramento, CA.,
  • James Young of Morrison, IL.,
  • Howard Haight of Mr. Boston Motorsports (Springfield, MA.),
  • Mendy Fry with Mike Fuller Racing (Livermore, CA.) and
  • 2009 CHRR Champ Rick McGee from Exeter, CA.
  • 2008 CHRR Champ Rick White of San Diego, CA

    Entries as of Oct. 6, 2011:
  • Nathan Bugg of Orange, CA,
  • Mark Hentges driving for Bucky Austin/Tacoma, WA,
  • Mike Lewis of Moreno Valley, CA
  • Mike Halstead of Paso Robles, CA
  • Paul Romine of Fishers, IN,
  • John Hale of Dallas, TX,
  • Dennis Taylor/Accelerated Motorsports of Anaheim, CA,
  • Mike Savage/Nostalgia Motorsports of Tucson, AZ.,
  • Roger Garten (Fallbrook, CA),
  • Dale VanGundy of Anaheim, CA,
  • Steve Rajic of Orange, CA,
  • Ed Dougan of Brea, CA,
  • Ronny Young of Wylie, TX,
  • Chris Davis of Spokane, WA,
  • Rick Rogers of Atascadero, CA,
  • Donald Watkins of Corona, CA,
  • Kurt Cruise of Fair Oaks, CA,
  • 2009 CHRR Champ Kris Krabill,
  • Garrette Bateman of Hesperia, CA,
  • John Powers of Phoenix, AZ.,
  • Jim Adolph of Fallbrook, CA,
  • Dan Horan Jr. of Rancho Cascades, CA,
  • Chad Head of Columbus, OH,
  • NHRA driver Ron Capps driving Del and dad Chuck Worsham’s car,
  • Will Martin of San Dimas, CA,
  • Chris Bennett of North Las Vegas, CA,
  • Claude Lavoie of Anderson, CA,
  • Rian Konno of Rosemead, CA,
  • Dwayne Patton of Visalia, CA,
  • Steven Densham of Bellflower, CA,
  • Kebin Kinsley of Clovis, CA,
  • Lee Paul Jennings of Sonora, CA,
  • Dennis La Charite of Torrance, CA,
  • Jon Capps of Schertz, TX,
  • Mike Smith of Schertz, TX.

    Entries as of Oct. 6, 2011:
  • Bobby Evans of Mariposa, CA,
  • John Evans of Salt Lake City, UT,
  • 2009 CHRR Champ Bill Wayne of Bullhead City, AZ,
  • Bill Genco of Westchester, CA,
  • Les Davenport of Alberta, Canada,
  • Jerry Kamre Jr. of Rohnert Park, CA,
  • Shawn Corbari of Santa Clara, CA,
  • Jeremy Sullivan of Riverside, CA,
  • John Hanless of Tulsa, OK,
  • Darrell Waters of Bakersfield, CA.

    Entries as of Oct. 6, 2011:
  • Jeff Jones of Garland, TX,
  • Johnnie Laird of Ardmore, OK,
  • Dean Carter of Glendale, AZ,
  • Odie Coker of Dallas, TX,
  • Brandon Lewis of Kiefer, OK.,
  • Bud Hammer of Oxnard, CA,
  • 2009 CHRR Champ Bob Lander of Sebastopol, CA,
  • Fred Notzka of Ventura, CA,
  • Rich Fenton of San Lorenzo, CA,
  • Brandon Lewis of Kiefer, OK,
  • J.D. Zink of Chico, CA,
  • Marc McCormick of Escondido, CA.

    7.0 PRO
    Entries as of Oct. 6, 2011:
  • Darrell Webb/Webb Family Motorsports of Alberta, Canada,
  • Terri Brewster of Rio Rico, AZ,
  • Bob Murphy of Clovis, CA,
  • Ronnie Lennon of Macdrel, CA,
  • Michael Bearsken of Redding, CA,
  • Greg Howland of Wenarhee, WA,
  • Mike Smith of El Cajon, CA,
  • Richard High of Lake Havasu City, AZ,
  • Don Dicero of Vacaville, CA,
  • Tommy Schiffilea of San Gabriel, CA,
  • Mike Hoyt Sr of Lake Elsinore, CA,
  • Dean Oberg of Norco, CA,
  • Richard Phillips of Visalia, CA,
  • Dan Maciel of Sonora, CA,
  • Dave Rosenberg of Long Beach, CA,
  • Cody Anstead of Spruce Grove, Alberta, CAN,
  • Lawton Ferreira II of Spring Valley, CA,
  • Dewayne Sanders of Albany, OR,
  • Chris Ludwig of Bailey, CO,
  • Todd Miller of Fairview, OR,
  • The Sekura Bros Ron and Corey of Alberta, CAN,
  • Cal Tebb of CAN,
  • Joey Steckler (Alberta, CAN),
  • Jerry Beach of Woodland Hills, CA,
  • Brian Nancy of Amado, AZ,
  • Jim Scott of Fallbrook, CA,
  • Jess Sturgeon of Costa Mesa, CA,
  • 2011 Holley NHRA Hot Rod Reunion 7.0 Pro Champ Ron Huegli of OR,
  • Mark Vaught of Indiana, and
  • the legendary NHRA driver Larry Dixon Sr.

    Entries as of Oct. 6, 2011:
  • Dave Torgrimson of Fresno, CA
  • Aaron Wakdell of Rancho Cordova, CA
  • Steve Pullin of Tacoma, WA
  • Andy Hiemstra of Northridge, CA
  • Wayne Schott of Clovis, CA
  • Frank Merenda of Paso Robles, CA
  • Augustine Herrera of Montebello, CA
  • Craig Powell of Modesto, CA
  • Rafael Quroga of Santa Ynez, CA
  • Richard Wilson of Azusa, CA
  • Mark Gordon of Mendocino, CA
  • Rich Roberts of Atwater, CA
  • Robert Patten of Tracy, CA
  • Dean Lindsey of Santa Paula, CA
  • Jim Godec of Carson City, NV
  • Al White of Azusa, CA
  • Mike Doushgounian of San Martin, CA
  • Ray Padgett of Santa Paula, CA
  • Casey Treur of Santa Maria, CA
  • Ken Ratzloff of Idaho Falls, ID
  • Ralph Willis of Salinas, CA
  • Bret Pichler of Cameron Park, CA
  • Dave Gruzen of Garden Grove, CA
  • Leonard Perry of Strathmore, CA
  • Bruce Sanders of Clovis, CA
  • Rick Logsdon of Bakersfield, CA
  • Terry Newton of Tulare, CA
  • Jimmy White of Covina, CA
  • Monti Fitzgerald of Richmond, CA
  • Jim Data of Ojai, CA
  • Dennis Burch of Santa Ana, CA
  • John Overholser of Selma, CA
  • 2009 CHRR Champ Chris Beanes of Arcadia, CA
  • Brent Harris of Alberta, CAN,
  • Terry Hatcher of Alberquerque, NM, and
  • Brendon Frye of Taft, CA.

    Entries as of Oct. 6, 2011:
  • Frank Miller of Gold Hill, OR,
  • Gil Valencia of Tehachapi, CA
  • Alex Barrett of Beaumont, CA
  • Hans Jakob of Ontario, CA
  • James Valencia of Tehachapi, CA
  • Jordan Frolka of Simi Valley, CA
  • Chris Edwards of Porterville, CA
  • Chuck Bayuk of San Diego, Ca
  • Johnny Cofer of Napa, CA
  • Dave Gruzen of Lakewood, CA
  • Robert Byrd of Reseda, CA
  • Dan Cantrell of La Habra Heights, CA
  • Brian Shubert of San Diego, CA
  • Dennis Neverve of Palo Alto, CA
  • Ted McCord of Kiefer, OK
  • Bryan Carmack of Palisade, CO
  • Alan Hull of Arcadia, CA
  • Phil Lukens of Pasadena, CA
  • Eily Stafford of Mt Laguna, CA
  • Tim Brown of Lakewood, CA
  • Bruce McDowell of Chula Vista, CA
  • Dale Taros of La Mirada, CA
  • Don Taros of San Pedro, CA
  • Rick MacDonald of Escondido, CA
  • Dave Ward of Crestline, CA
  • Jim Black of Paso Robles, CA
  • George Johns of Bakersfield, CA
  • Tony Wimer of Redlands, CA
  • Joe Roseberry of Wofford Heights, CA
  • Randall Kearney of Tarzana, CA
  • Dan Schrokosch of San Marcos, CA
  • Garret Crisp of Visalia, CA
  • Kevin Sarginson of Atwater, CA
  • Robert Lee of Monrovia, CA
  • Scott Corbett of Sparks, NV
  • Mike Fitzello of Glendora, CA
  • Gabe Wood of Bakersfield, CA

    Entries as of Oct. 6, 2011:
  • Lynsi Martinez of Glendora, CA
  • Justin Ruby of Visalia, CA
  • Todd Hoffman of Vista, CA
  • Mike Donn of Yuba City, CA
  • Ken Godsey of Anvada, CO
  • Denny Sanders of Victorville, CA
  • Joel Miner of Ramona, CA
  • Bobby Shahan (son of “Drag-On Lady” Shirley Shahan) of Tulare, CA
  • Larry Knapp of Pinow Higgs CA
  • Marvin Reiser of Escondido, CA
  • Dave Scott of Santee, CA
  • Thomas Tuso of Frisco, CO
  • Steve Whitemore of Dixon, CA
  • Ernie Algorri of Pasadena, CA
  • Frederick Kyle of Covina, CA
  • Jack Goodrich of Laguna Nigel, CA
  • Val Torres of Baldwin Park, CA
  • Clint Haskin of Aztec, NM
  • Glen Gibbons of Apache Jct., AZ

    CACKLEFEST – 57 entries

    Kuhl & Olson 1969 Top Fuel Dragster
    Green Monster #5 Dragster
    Beebe Mulligan
    Don Long’s AA/FD
    Doug Thorley’s Chevy 2 Much
    “Iron Mule”
    Ed Pink’s “Old Master”
    Doss, Clayton & King with Honoree Wayne King

  • Pat Borovicka of Spring Valley, CA
  • Tom Sceberras of Laguna Hills, CA
  • George Scarpenti of San Jose, CA
  • Dale Snoke of Glendora, CA
  • Bill Workman of Long Beach, CA
  • “Hot Rod” Sharai Steinbacher (NHRA Motorsports Museum staff) of Upland, CA
  • Jerry Miller of Lake Havasu City, AZ
  • Mike Thompson of Ridgefield, WA
  • Jackie Brown of Ventura, CA
  • Ken Brown of Ventura, CA
  • Roy Pool of Camarillo, CA
  • Tim Dodd of Eagle Rock, CA
  • Paul Soliz of El Monte, CA
  • Lindsey Lister of San Pedro, CA
  • Wayne Darby of Richmond, BC
  • Joe Grace of Burson CA
  • John Hildetsrand of Encinitas, CA
  • Past CHRR Honoree Jess Tyree of Canyon Lake, CA
  • Bill Grace of Burson, CA
  • Joe Furiani of San Gabriel, CA
  • Doug Auzene of Burbank, CA
  • Danny Roslan of Paso Robles, CA
  • Steve Duke of Arleta, CA
  • Steve Rutkowski of Duanesburg, NY
  • Troy Moyle of Reno, NV
  • Jeff Utterback of Irvine, CA
  • Ron Hope’s “Rat Trap” Fuel Altered of Franklin, TN
  • Jason Richey of Pleasanton, CA
  • Roger Burton of Hoguiam, WA
  • Bones Balough of Long Beach, CA
  • Gary Campbell of South El Monte, CA
  • Tom Kuenzi of Menifee, CA
  • Gregg Scott of El Cajon, CA
  • Kathy Lloyd Castro Valley, CA
  • Phil Featherson of Stockton, CA
  • Jeremy Hanger of Norwalk, CA
  • Ross Walker of Langley, CANADA
  • Devery Berry of Modesto, CA
  • Mark Capps of Fresno, CA
  • Bobby Tocco of Riverside, CA
  • Gary Morris of Fontana, CA

    GASSERS from the Midwest - 6
  • Chuck Lipka '41 Willys coupe "Little Booger”
  • Jesse James '40 Willys coupe "Gunslinger”
  • Ron Doran '40 Willys coupe "Ferdinand”
  • Ron Normann '41 Willys coupe "Airoso Brothers"
  • Randy Addington '37 Chevy coupe "Addington Speed Shop"
  • Al Chernik '41 Willys coupe "Acme Racing"

Don’t miss out on this year’s 20th celebration of the largest nostalgic drag racing and hot rodding event in the West Coast, the 2011 California Hot Rod Reunion presented by Automobile Club of Southern California, Oct. 21-23 at Auto Club Famoso Raceway. For tickets, visit www.nhratix.com or call 1-800-884-NHRA (6472).

The Reunion is a 3-day festival of speed, hot rods and American automotive enthusiasm. The season finale of the NHRA’s Hot Rod Heritage nostalgia drag racing series also takes place at the Reunion. Make your plans now to attend the Reunion and join thousands of hot rodders and race fans in Bakersfield for the annual Reunion.

Three-day credentials are $65. Auto Club members receive a discount. Purchase before Oct. 7 and receive a “goodie” bag, Reunion program, commemorative dash plaque and collectible souvenir credential.

Produced by the Wally Parks NHRA Motorsports Museum, presented by the Automobile Club of Southern California, the Reunion is part of the museum’s “living history” philosophy, which works to bring to life the sights, sounds and people who made history in the early days of drag racing, land speed racing and the golden age of American car culture.

The Reunion features a wide variety of activities and events, including:

NHRA vintage drag racing, featuring some the sport’s most famous and historic cars and drivers, racing in such classes at Nostalgia Top Fuel, Funny Car, Fuel Altereds, Supercharged Gassers, Classic Super Stock, Hot Rods and others. It’s the grand finale of the NHRA’s Hot Rod Heritage Series.

California Hot Rod Reunion Reception, held at the DoubleTree Hotel in Bakersfield, on Friday night, from 7 p.m.- 10 p.m. Open to everyone at no charge, it’s a tribute to Reunion Grand Marshal, Honorees and the Justice Brothers Car Care Products Reunion Spotlight. The reception offers a chance for fans to meet some of drag racing’s heroes.

Huge Cacklefest on Saturday evening, where nitro-burning historic, front-engine top-fuel dragsters and other classic race cars are push started just like in the “old days.”
The Swap meet and Reunion Midway filled with hot rod and automotive related vendors. Something for everyone!

For more Reunion information, please contact the Museum at 909-622-2133 or visit us online at


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