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Old Air Products
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Many Choices of Components & Accessories
Select from a choice of 3 coil designs, a variety of dash louvers, several standard or electronic switching options, condenser sizes and compressor mounting brackets to create a custom A/C & Heater system for virtually any vehicle.
Compact Modular Design
Allows easier installation.
Retains original cowl vents and handle.
Retains glove box and allows space for other indash components and accessibility. (i.e. radio, CD player, etc...) 


  Unit Construction :Large 80 pass stacked coil with 53 of copper tubing allows a larger surface area to cool the air as it passes through the coil for maximum cooling capacity.
Straight through design does not restrict airflow, Competitors units place blower fan behind an to the side requiring the airflow to go through radical bends and turns within the case and coil fins resulting in excessive back pressure and reduced overall air volume.
The HURRICANE® Unit features a snap togather injection molded case that can be easily disassembled to service system. Most comtetitors units are glued togather and cannot be disassembled to service internal components

ABOUT US:   .Old Air Products was established in 1989 with the concept of manufacturing an A/C, Heat & Defrost system that would fit any vehicle. We quickly found that with the large variety of vehicles and personal chioces of their owners we needed to provide a system with variable choices to allow our customers to customize the A/C system to fit both stock and custom vehicles. This was the beginning of our HURRICANE® series systems.   Old Air Products specialization is in custom AC systems and factory AC & heater system replacement parts for Antique, Classic, Vintage & Custom Vehicles. We manufacture the HURRICANE® AC Heat & Defrost system for Hot Rods, Street Rods & Custom vehicles. The unique modular design of this unit and wide variety of options allow the HURRICANE® to be customized to fit virtually any classic car. Let us help you create an AC & heater system for your classic car

Old Air Products
8744 Forum Way
Fort Worth, TX 76140
(877) 892-6796 

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