Optima Batteries Tech Tip #1

Selecting the Right Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) Battery to Match Your Needs

AGM batteries are among the most technologically-advanced aftermarket batteries available, designed to keep up with performance upgrades and high-demand electronics increasingly found in today’s vehicles.   Acknowledging a few key considerations when choosing an AGM battery will not only improve performance of the vehicle, its electronics and accessories, but will help extend the life of the battery itself.  Here are a few things consumers should be familiar with as they choose a new AGM battery. 

Battery Group Size

Battery group size refers to the standard battery size that will best fit the physical dimensions of the vehicle, as well as the location of its positive and negative terminals. Each make and model of vehicle takes a specific battery group size, although some vehicles can accommodate more than one. Choosing the right group size is as easy as following the recommendation by the vehicle manufacturer as found in the owner’s manual or the checking the reference guide at your local battery retailer or service center.

Choosing the Right AGM Battery to Match Your Lifestyle

Battery size and engine start performance are important when selecting a battery. However, consideration  should also be given to how and where the vehicle is used, cycling performance, engine recovery and the electrical loads a battery must support.

OPTIMA® is the battery of choice among performance and off-road enthusiasts, thanks to its variety of benefits over traditional lead-acid batteries.  With recent group size additions to the automotive product line-up, OPTIMA batteries now fit 75% of all vehicles on the road. The patented SPIRALCELL® Technology in an OPTIMA battery is what differentiates it from traditional lead-acid and other AGM batteries and is apparent in the product’s six-pack design, which holds the six compressed spiral-wound cells.

OPTIMA RedTop® =
Ultimate cranking battery with performance power
The OPTIMA RedTop® is ideal for starting applications and is designed to deliver the strongest 5-second ignition power. The RedTop provides engine starting power to vehicles with stock or average electrical loads. Use when the discharge cycle is shallow and the alternator takes over after the battery starts the vehicle.  This battery is good for daily drivers, race, classic or show vehicles.

OPTIMA YellowTop® = Dual-purpose deep cycle and starting battery for extreme automotive applications
The OPTIMA YellowTop® is dual-purpose, with premium engine cranking power and deep cycle capacity to support multiple vehicle accessories, demanding electrical systems, and vehicles without alternators. The YellowTop can repeatedly bounce back from deep power drains to full energy capacity, so it can power plenty of electronics and consistently start a vehicle time after time. Lower internal resistance also provides more consistent power output and faster recharges.

For more info on Optima Batteries or where to buy Visit our website or call Toll Free: 888-8OPTIMA (888-867-8462)


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