Shelby’s Outlaw Shootout & Hot Rod Get Together
October 23, 2011
Mountain Park Dragway
Clay City “Thunder Valley”, Kentucky

shelby flyer

About Shelby


On December 15th, 2009, we lost our oldest son, Shelby Cain, to suicide.

Shelby was a talented young man that had a passion for racing, art, photography, and “the car scene.”  He was full of life and loved by many.  However, he also found himself in a very lonely place, struggling with depression.  Like many others, he came to the sad conclusion that ending his life was the only way to stop the hurting he felt inside.

How could we not have known that our own son had reached such a dark place?  As his parents, we should have done more to prevent this tragedy! 

This is exactly why we started Shelby’s Racin’ for a Purpose Foundation.  We could think of no better way to honor our son’s life than by touching the lives of others and bringing awareness to the prevention of suicide.

Like Shelby, when someone is thinking about suicide, it’s not likely that they will just come out and tell you.  By bringing awareness to the prevention of suicide, our foundation hopes to change mindsets and spread the word about how to look for signs of trouble.  By taking the time to listen to your friends, family members, or even complete strangers, you may be able to help prevent another tragedy.  Through fellowship, sincerity, and taking the time to love one another, we believe that suicide can sometimes be prevented!

We have taken to the streets and started spreading our message through the love of racing and hot rods that we shared with Shelby!  The Drag Racing Shootouts that we hold at Mountain Park Dragway in

Clay City, KY are just the beginning.  Their popularity among the racing community has grown tremendously and developed into a one-of-a-kind Shootout and Car Show on the same day!  Through these events and merchandise sales, we are raising the money needed to continue spreading our message and start giving back to the community!     

Speaking of giving back, Shelby’s Racin’ for a Purpose Foundation wants to help individuals right here in our local Central KY communities.  While our government and other local organizations do a lot to help those in desperate need, sometimes the “smaller” financial problems in life go unnoticed.  Struggling financially to meet basic needs can often lead to the depression and loneliness that develops into bigger problems.  Hopefully, our foundation, through working with local churches, can help reach someone who needs a helping hand to get back on their feet before the situation becomes more desperate.


Mark Cain

Take the time to listen, love each other, and we’ll see you at the track On
 October 23, 2011


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Shelby's Speed & Kustom 845 Contract Street Lexington, Kentucky 40505

Mark Cain - cell 859-552-3359
Shelby's Speed & Kustom # 859-552-3816

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