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Featured  Products from
Spirit Industries

Model T Bodies
23 T Stage III SK1001

model t  1
  • Fiberglass 23 T Body with one piece fiberglass floor and battery box.
  • 20 inch Pickup Box
  • Standard 23 T Grill Shell
  • Fiberglass Interior Insert
  • 23 Standard T Fully Welded Frame with Brackets for Ford or Chevy
  • Paintable Spirit Style Radius Rods Assembly or Hairpin Radius Rods
  • Plain Coil Overs
  • Paintable Rear Pan Hard Rod
  • 10 Bolt Drum rearend housing with welded brackets(8.8 disk is $200 more) The rear-ends we get are from a salvage yard and clean the up and weld our brackets on them. The is no guarnatee on the gears and everything else is just an added bonus. We are selling the housing.
  • Paintable Front axle Kit-Spirit Style
  • Paintable Spindles with kingpins
  • Paintable Steering Arm
  • Paintable Slingshot Arm
  • 4 Caliper Bracket
  • GM rotors 4 bolt pattern Brake rotors(Ford Rotors are available)
  • Brake calipers, GM with pads
  • GM Rotor Assembly Kit
  • Paintable Drag link assembly
  • Paintable Steering Link Assembly
  • Paintable Front Pan Hard Rod with bracket
  • Paintable Friction Shock Assembly
  • Master Cylinder
  • Brake Pedal Assembly
  • Grade 8 Bolt Kit


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Spirit Industries
1541 Highway 201N
Mountain Home, AR
72653 USA
Tel: 870-425-5900

ABOUT US:   At Spirit, we're passionate about the cars we build. Turning heads and winning trophies, you can depend on Spirit to deliver quality and value. That's our commitment to you as we do our part to make your dream car a reality.
Now, thanks to all you Rod enthusiasts and valued customers, the Spirit team is thrilled to announce three new body styles into our ever-expanding product line.
Not only do we offer and build an excellent '23 & '27 T-Bucket, we also offer the new Spirit C-Cab and Model A.
The Model ‘A’ driver comes as a coupe and a sedan, both with many available options. And, just like our T-buckets, both the C-Cab and the Model ‘A’ are available as a complete turnkey car, or as an easy-to-assemble kit that you can build yourself.

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