New Tex Smith Book Has Hit The Press

Tex Smith's new book has been recently released. This time it’s a Novel We know that no one could fathom up a story about hot rodders better than Tex .... he’s lived that life .. big time !

The book is now available for sale.

Maybe not what you think
By Le Roi Tex Smith

TexSmith1320Cover smla

About The Author

LeRoi Tex Smith has been involved with the hot rod hobby since the age of 8, when his in-laws were outlaws running whiskey into Oklahoma.  He has been around California hot rodding since the age of 9, and has been a race car driver, air force fighter pilot, Bonneville racer, and was a founding member of the National Hot Rod Association, serving NHRA as Field Director and close associate of Wally Parks and Barbara Livingston.

He has been in the publishing business since 1957, and currently resides in Idaho, Oregon, Hawaii, and Australia

“I've been thinking of doing this book for the past 40 or so years.  “This book is designed to give the younger reader a lot of information about the hobby/sport/industry they might not get otherwise, but it is a fun read for all ages. I think a lot of fathers may want a copy for their young'un's”

“Years ago I became friends with Hank Felson (Henry Gregor Felsen) who did the first paperback on rodding, titled “Hot Rod”.  I got sidetracked with all the how-to books through the years, and a few general interest books such as “We Came In Peace” (sold over 4 million) about the 1st moon landing.  Anyway, the idea has always been to do a

book that would be reader specific and appeal to all ages. I have been doing this writing for about 2 years”.

“The book was printed in the states in Sept. or October.  I released the book in Australia a couple months earlier, just to get a feel of acceptance, so far it has been very positive”.  

“I have been going to both Hawaii and Australia for years and married an Aussie woman 8 years ago, so now I live in Australia 8-9 months a year (during best weather) and then come back to Idaho for the summer and Bonneville”.

The Cost will be $25 which also includes Postage".

There are two phone lines for orders. first is 1 800 513-8133 and second is 541-997-1902/ or you can Order from Tex Smith Books, PO Box 11000, Florence, Oregon 97439.

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