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RECOVERED - 1949 Chevy Truck - Indianapolis, IN

This truck has been recovered! Here's a note from the owners:

I am writing to you to let you know that our truck has been recovered and returned to us. The Indiana State Police received a tip from an informer as to the location of our truck and they were able to recover it along with another truck that had been reported stolen. Our truck had damage to the bumper and scratches to the paint from when they drove it out of our trailer at an angle because there was not enough room for them to back straight out. In doing this they caught the trailers ramp guide wire with the fender and bumper. The wire was snapped and then they ran over the eye bolt that the wire was connected to with the underside of the truck.

But all in all, the truck is in good shape, thanks to the media that reported and the informer who watched the news.

- Cyndi Quin


A 1949 Chevy truck was stolen Sunday, September 22, 2013 from the Airport Ramada in Indianapolis, IN at 7:00 am in the morning.

It has 18” front and 20” rear Billet Specialty Impact polished Aluminum/satin wheels. The body has been stretched 24” and the bed is 3” taller than stock. 6L Vortec engine with LE 60 transmission. The color is Hot Rod Red. Sliding back windows. Light grey leather interior, 60/40 front seat and a full rear seat.

If you've seen this truck, please call 309-745-5438 or Indianapolis Police Officer Oliver Clouthier at 317-327-6200.


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