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Richard Petty to Appear at Cartlisle Chrysler Nats

Just as Elvis Presley is the King of Rock and Roll and Jerry Lawler is the King of wrestling, Richard Petty is the King of NASCAR. Of course, there are many individuals who can lay claim to the "crown", but as part of the 2016 Carlisle Chrysler Nationals, it will be Richard Petty as racing's king spending time with fans taking photos and signing autographs.

Although Petty's time at Carlisle is limited due to the NASCAR race being in New Hampshire the following day, he will do his best to give guests and fans the most bang for the buck possible. The Saturday session is limited, but the autograph and photo session will be free to as many guests as possible within Petty's allotted time at Carlisle. Only a limited number of Petty autographs will be available due to the anticipated high demand of the session, but Carlisle Events and representatives from Petty's camp will work closely to assure that as many people as possible get the chance to mingle with one of NASCAR's most iconic figures.

Petty's popularity spans beyond the automotive world into pop culture, having competed on the NASCAR circuit from 1958-1992. His last race was Jeff Gordon's first, meaning two of NASCAR's biggest stars can be tied to the past 55+ years of racing history. Petty amassed 200 wins during his time on the track, the first of which came in 1960, as well as seven series championships, formerly known as the Winston Cup. Petty's accomplishments on the track led him to becoming part of the inaugural class of the NASCAR Hall of Fame in 2010. Petty was the longtime pitchman for STP, a sponsor that was on the side of his #43 stock car from 1972 until his retirement in 1992. Further, his role as a car owner saw their partnership continue through 2000, meaning that Petty and STP were tied together for nearly 40 years.

In addition, Petty has appeared in automotive based films, often credited as himself. Along with NASCAR themed projects, Petty has appeared on screen with Presley and Bill Bixby (Speedway), Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman (Days of Thunder), Burt Reynolds and Loni Anderson (Stroker Ace), and more recently, as "The King" in Disney Pixar's 2006 release, Cars, starring Larry the Cable Guy, Owen Wilson, and Paul Newman.

Upon retiring from being behind the wheel, Petty became a car owner and ambassador for NASCAR. Even now, he can still be found at the track each weekend between February and November donning his trademark cowboy hat and "talking shop" with drivers and enthusiasts. He also assists with his son Kyle's non-profit organization, the Victory Junction Gang Camp.

In addition to Petty meeting with fans at Carlisle, he'll have his former crew chief and fellow NASCAR Hall of Famer Dale Inman with him. Both will be on the Red 102.3 Stage and after that, fans can check out the always popular burnout contest. This year's contest will feature the special prize of the King's Crown, or in this case, an autographed replica cowboy hat. The burnout contest is sponsored by Petty's Garage and is a chance for anyone who wants to show off the power of their ride for three minutes or until they blow a tire, whichever comes first. Find out more information about the show at