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Ron Francis Wiring ACCESS 24/7 Wiring System

Our newest generation wiring panel has arrived. This newly engineered fuse system known as the ACCESS 24/7 [patent pending] comes standard with 24 fuses and 3 relays, along with a unique mounting system and room for 4 additional relays. RON FRANCIS WIRING is now in our 34th year of high quality, extremely user friendly wiring systems for custom and upgraded automobiles. Our 18th generation, the ACCESS 24/7 covers all the bases and allows you to consolidate even additional aftermarket product's relays to really clean up the under dash board area. 

The “24” means fuse capacity, the “7” means number of relays it has the capacity to hold and the ACCESS 24/7 name is derived from the fact that you can actually reach under your dash board and bring the fuse panel out in plain view for checking a fuse, servicing, etc. There is so much to this small package it is hard to list. 

When you want to add an accessory or additional wires leading to the fuse panel, they simply plug in specially labeled connectors in the kick panel or behind upholstery. This is very similar to the terminal block design of the EXPRESS or BARE BONZ except they plug in instead. Talk about limited time under the dash. This works great! 

This fuse box measures only 5-3/"L x 3-1/4"W x 3-3/8"H!


 Detailed Description

MOUNTING: The ‘quick release’ magnet system will hold the panel under the dash until you need to check it. Just drop it down to work on it, since there is approximately 18” of movement in the wires for ultimate flexibility. Never has servicing a fuse box been any easier! 

ENGINES: We’ll make this system compatible with a Chevy, Ford, Mopar, or any other make of engine. We can build one for YOUR application. 

ACCESSORIES: Wiring is included and we give you the printed feed wires to plug into the color coded connectors located in the kick panel area. 

IGNITION SYSTEMS: Accepts the ignition systems of your choice: Stock/Original, MSD, Pertronics, Accel, Mallory and others. The wiring system that knows what you want to use and is easily accessible. We'll wire it for a stock points system, HEI, or any other system at no extra charge. 

ALTERNATORS: RON FRANCIS WIRING supplies a minimum standard of 8 ga. wire for either stock applications, 100 amp units, or even higher amp units. We also offer 6 and 4 ga. wire for any alternator you plan to use - no extra charge. Many suppliers offer a 10 ga. (or less) alternator feed wire that cannot handle your new high output alternator. 

STEERING COLUMNS: We offer a large variation of choices of steering column connectors with your original stock column or buy one from Flaming River, ididit, GM, Ford, Mopar and or your local yard. 

LED USERS: There is a definite COST SAVINGS for LED users with our ‘LED-Ready’ flasher system that requires only one special flasher when LED lamps are used either front or rear. Why? See below..* 

• 24 fuses - You won't run out 
• 4 are Select-A-CircuitTM - choose ignition or battery fed circuits by moving the fuse in the slot 
• Horn relay included 
• Electric fuel pump relay included (or other use up to 20 amps) 
• Quickly attach 4 more relays from other systems or from our catalog. (total of 7) Pre-wired ignition feeds for them 
• Cost Savings for LED user 

*LED bulb replacements offered for any application draw less current then a regular incandescent bulb normally used. Since the traditional "can" flashers require a couple amps draw to flash, your system will now require a special low amperage flasher which can vary in price dramatically. Make sure if you have a combination of LED's and regular turn signal bulbs in the front or pull a trailer, you'll need a high quality unit that can handle this combination. 

To determine which plugs you have on your steering column, go to the REFERENCES Department (left menu on our website) to see our Steering Column Plug reference chart. 

To determine which plug(s) you have on your Alternator,go to the REFERENCES Department (left menu on our website) to see our Alternator Reference Chart.


Ron Francis Wiring, founded in 1974, is a result of over 30 years of experience in wiring street rods and developing electrical products directly for street rod and hot rod applications. Over the years Ron Francis wiring systems have gone through constant re-design to incorporate the latest in wiring technology in both circuitry and materials, so that the system is compatible with the latest in automotive trends. Today's Express Wiring System all the way through the Original Bare Bonz, are just as suitable for a state-of-the-art, high-tech street rod with all of the modern electrical accessories as it is for one with just the basic equipment. Ron Francis Wiring has grown up with street rodding/hot rodding and is proud to have been one of the "ground floor" companies in the sport. Built on a reputation of service and quality, Ron Francis continually strives to maintain it. Just like the majority of our customers, we're street rodders & hot rodders too, and we know how valuable your support has been and will be in the future. You can see all of our products online along with reference charts and an online form to "Ask Ron" any wiring questions you may have... Take a look

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