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Rust Bullet ColorShell


In April 2013, Rust Bullet premied the latest additions to the Rust Bullet Rust Inhibitive Coatings; Rust Bullet ColorShell.
The line of ColorShells released included Safety Red, Safety Yellow, Safety Blue, Safety Green, Safety Purple and Safety Orange. These coatings are high visibility, rust inhibitive, all surface-all purpose, industrial strength gloss urethane coatings.
All Rust Bullet ColorShell High Gloss Rust Inhibitive Coatings meet the ANSI Z535 Standard for OSHA Safety Colors.

Rust Bullet ColorShells have been specifically formulated to help you meet the safety color coding requirements for commercial and industrial identification.

Please do not hesitate to contact Rust Bullet Technical Support or Customer Service if you have questions regarding these new additions to our coatings for industrial, commercial and public projects.


Rust has been a problem which humanity has been fighting since the dawn of the Iron Age. Although various prevention strategies have been discovered and developed, they all had flaws and short comings that limited their usefulness. They were either very complicated to apply, required multiple steps with a highly trained work force and ideal working conditions, or they were simple to apply but didn't work very well or last very long. Rust Bullet® is a simple, easy to apply, rust/corrosion control product that is more effective on both clean metal and rusty metal than any other (in the field use) product on the market. The phenomenal results achieved after years of refinement and three years of extensive scientific testing, along with two (2) United States Patents awarded by the United States Patent and Trademark Office confirms Rust Bullet® is the best rust/corrosion control product on the market.
Rust Bullet®… It Kills Rust!

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