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The Rodder’s Journal Publishes Unseen Vintage Photos In A luxurious Hardbound Volume

The Rodder’s Journal is proud to announce the publication of Scrapbook. The 480-page hardbound book documents the evolution of hot rodding through the eyes of the people who experienced it first hand. Chock full of previously unpublished historic photographs, each chapter highlights a different era and geographic region, including pre-WWII racing on California’s dry lakes, customizing and drag racing in the Northwest, ’50s and ’60s indoor car shows in the Mid-Atlantic, early drag racing in Georgia and Florida, racing on the Bonneville salt flats, and the dawn of modern street rodding in the Midwest. Hot rods, customs, and racecars from over 30 states are represented.

Material for Scrapbook was collected over the course of several years with countless hours spent sorting through literally thousands of historic images. And the story behind every photograph has been carefully researched to reveal an enormous amount of information about our sport’s humble beginnings. A scrapbook from Kansas collector Roger Morrison lead to the discovery of one of the earliest dry-lakes-racing trophies. Another scrapbook provided by Pennsylvania collector Mike Goyda lead to the identification of Ray Brown’s famous ’32 highboy roadster after it was fitted with the fenders from Doane Spencer’s equally famous Deuce. Art Chrisman’s record-setting #25 dragster appears well before Art took ownership on the dry lakes of Southern California back in 1937. And Gil Ayala’s beautiful full-custom ’42 Ford was captured at the Santa Ana drags with the Joe Nitti Deuce highboy in the background. These are just a few of the never before seen photos featured in Scrapbook.

Extensive interviews of the original photographers, relatives and close friends provide invaluable insights. In addition to featuring well-known rods and customs, many previously unknown machines and unsung heroes are captured in backyard garages and on hometown streets.

Scrapbook exhibits the finest reproduction and high-quality standards that you’ve come to expect from The Rodder’s Journal. Extraordinary care was taken to reproduce decades-old images at the highest quality possible without disrupting their inherent character and warmth. This must-have for any automotive enthusiast will be printed in limited quantities and is available exclusively through The Rodder’s Journal and the TRJ dealer network for $50 plus S&H.

The Rodder’s Journal, a quarterly magazine, offers the best in hot rod publishing including stunning photography, incisive writing, and historic detail unmatched amongst automotive publications. Each issue contains a blend of traditional hot rods, classic customs, early drag racing, contemporary builds, and the rich personalities behind one of the world's most unique and passionate pursuits.


For more information regarding the release of Scrapbook, contact Chasity Smith at 650-246-8920 or
[email protected], or visit The Rodder’s Journal online at