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ShineSeal Stop Oxidation

How ShineSeal works: Shineseal™ is a proprietary chemical sealant. NOT a polish, cleaner, or a was. Shineseal™ offers protection against Dulling / Oxidation by impregnating and chemically bonding into the pores of your products. Shineseal™ becomes one with the metal and seals off the breathing process, thus stopping the Oxidation and Deterioration of the metal. For use on Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Brass, Copper, and Chrome.

1.  Protects against oxidation and dulling
2.  Eliminates repeat polishing for up to 2 years.
3.  Retains the rich brilliance of polished aluminum.
4.  Safe to use and is environmentally friendly.
5.  Bonds chemically to your products.
6.  DOES NOT chip, crack or peel.
7.  Easy to apply and withstands 700 degrees F Temperature

#1001 ShineSeal Master Kit
Master Kit Covers 80 Square feel. Included in this kit is Bio Cleaner concentrate, Metal Sealer, Slick Finish, applicator  cloth and detailed instructions. ShineSeals’ Brite Shine Metal Polish is also included. Brite Shine Metal Polish is used to recondition products, if needed, prior to application of Shineseal.

#1002 ShineSeal Mini Kit
Mini Kit covers 400 square kit. Included in this kit is Bio cleaner Concentrate, Metal Sealer, Slick Finish, Applicator cloths and detailed instructions.

#1011 ShineSeal Brite Shine Metal Polish
Bottle contains 16 ounces. This is undoubtedly the best metal polish available today. Very easy to use, non-abrasive – leaves the metal super bright with very little effort. Removes oxidation and minor scratches.

#1012 ShineSeal Slick Finish
Bottle contains 16 ounces. An Ultra high quality pure carnuba based was blended with very expensive proprietary chemicals. When applied on aluminum, stainless steel copper, brass, or paint maximum protection is achieved against fingerprints, water spotting and clouding. Leaves surface very slick and slippery and ultra shinny. Apply over ShineSeal for the ultimate in surface preservation.