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Speed Demon 715 Streamliner Shatters Records at Bonneville

A Chevrolet-powered streamliner set a new piston-powered land speed record at the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah.
Now the world's Fastest Piston Powered Vehicle, Speed Demon #715, Piloted by George Poteet, ran a Qualifying speed of 469mph on Wednesday August 12th, with an Exit speed of 477mph. The Thursday backup run was a jaw dropping 470mph! With an Exit speed of 481mph!!!! SCTA Certified Qualification run and final backup run.
And while not officially recognized by the FIA world record authority, it is considerably faster than the current FIA 458.440 mph world land speed record set by Don Vesco’s Turbinator (a wheel-driven turbine-powered  car in 2001.