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Spirit Industries 1923 Ford Model T Extended Deluxe Body

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Spirit is proud to announce the 23 XL T.  This new 23 t bucket body has been extended 5” to fit the big guys. The body was lengthened in the cowl, door and the back so the body is still in proportion to the 23 t we have all come to know and love, the only difference is that it is an overall 5” longer.

As well as the new body we have engineered an extended chassis to fit so that when you buy a Spirit kit it all fits together without any modification.


1923 Ford Model T Extended Deluxe Body. This body has been extended 5 inches (2 inches in front of the door and 3 inches in the rear). This body has 2 working doors that are hinged and latched. The interior insert, pickup box, and battery box are installed for you!!! All the hard work is done for you!!! Our 23T bodies will fit a max of 27" OD to OD on a frame at the firewall.


At Spirit, we're passionate about the cars we build. Turning heads and winning trophies, you can depend on Spirit to deliver quality and value. That's our commitment to you as we do our part to make your dream car a reality.
Now, thanks to all you Rod enthusiasts and valued customers, the Spirit team is thrilled to announce three new body styles into our ever-expanding product line. Not only do we offer and build an excellent '23 & '27 T-Bucket, we also offer the new Spirit C-Cab and Model A. The Model ‘A’ driver comes as a coupe and a sedan, both with many available options. And, just like our T-buckets, both the C-Cab and the Model ‘A’ are available as a complete turnkey car, or as an easy-to-assemble kit that you can build yourself

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