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Steve's Auto Restorations 1955 T-BIRD

1955 Ford Thunderbird. This car is a driver, not a show car and priced accordingly. It has one top only, the hardtop of a ’56, ’57 vintage. It has a set of 4 chrome Ford wire wheels. The engine is believed to be original with the original automatic transmission. Body wise it is very sound. There is a small ding in the right side 1/4 panel and a small to medium dent in the passenger door. The floors are sound and other than some minor surface rust in a very few areas, rust free. No rot to replace. The lower left hand lip of the trunk lid has some rust bubbles in the paint. The same place they all have rust problems, but it is not major. This is a California car so rust issues are almost non existent. I doubt that the mileage is the original low 27K. The radio is incorrect. There is no spare or jack. The tachometer does not work. It is not hooked up to the distributor as it appears the wrong distributor is in the car. Upholstery is of the original style and may be original to the car. The car starts, stops, runs and drives. This car can be driven as is or tinkered with and upgraded at ones leisure. Offered at $21,500.00 OBO. Here is a link to the Ad on


Steve's Auto Restorations in Portland, Oregon is a multi-faceted shop specializing in transforming automotive dreams into reality. The street rods built at Steve's range from capable cruise-night machines to highly-detailed, top-echelon show stoppers. In addition to building street rods Steve's Auto Restorations owns and operates Real Steel, a division that specializes in the manufacturing of steel '33/'34 Roadster bodies and replacement sheet-metal parts. The team at Steve's is proficient in virtually every aspect of custom car construction, and also perform specialty service and repair work.

Steve's Auto Restorations continues to evolve with the ever-changing street rod market and the enthusiasts who drive it. High profile, ground-breaking builds like the NewMad, RealMad, and Baron Von Kuhl represent a small percentage of builds at Steve's, but illustrate Steve's Auto Restorations ability to impact the rodding world with imaginative and uncompromising creations that challenge the limits of modern rodding. Although Steve and his crew are well known for rare 10,000 hour builds that challenge the very limits of their creativity, SAR prides themselves on their ability to transform anyone's dream into reality.

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