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Stolen Five Window '32 Ford

This happened over ten years ago, but I still hope someone will see it and I'll get it back.
Chopped 32 five window coupe was stolen March 2001.
Was bought and then suppposedly sold at a swap meet in Sherman, Texas.
Was in rusty primer with slotted mags, no fenders, no floor and had Yellow doors, dropped axle and aluminum Buick brake drums and narrowed 9" rear.
This car was bought a long time ago as a project for when I retired- well, it was stolen three months before I retired.

All I can say is that I dreamed of owning this car for over a decade before I found it. It sat for another decade while I farted around on other cars. Then a friend offered to work on it while I was overseas, so I spent money on it that was probably needed elsewhere. My son saw it and we decided we would screw it together, together. And then it was stolen.
My wife says to stop pouring salt in an old wound but there are so many of my dreams in that car, I will probably never let go.
I can't even watch American Grafitti anymore...
I know that someone has seen this car and I pray that they will see this ad and do the right thing.

Mike Rumage

478-442-2347  [email protected]