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Stolen In The Spring Of 1970

I am trying to help my uncle locate his old ride, stolen in the spring of 1970 near the Hampton Coliseum in Hampton / Newport News, VA.  His health is failing severely so I've taken up his cause.  Perhaps you could post this under your "stolen vehicle" section?

He doesn't have any paperwork from back then and I've not been able to discover the VIN.  According to him, it was dark blue, 1969 Camaro with an all aluminum 427 CI engine.  However, I can't find any records of a 9560 COPO being sold at that dealership, only two 9561 iron block COPOs. 

It was stolen (according to his memory) on rt. 64 in front of/near the Hampton coliseum in Feb/Mar of 1970 where it had broken down.  He recalls "black drag marks" where it appeared to have been drug up onto/into a trailer.  It was purchased from Casey Chevrolet in Aug/Sep 1969.  He recalls another Cortez Silver Camaro also in the showroom, configured exactly the same (engine, etc.)  I've not been able to dig up any insurance, financing, sales, news reports, or other information up to now.  It appears most companies purge all records older than 10 years. 

If it was what he says, it would be a COPO 9560.  However, based on my research, it is more likely a COPO 9561 iron block Camaro.  Regardless, he just wants his car.

Thank you,

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