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Surf City Garage: The Future Of Cars: Where They're Headed

The Future Of Cars:
Where They're Headed

If 2013 still sounds weird to you, wait till you see where the automobile is headed. The first automobile with an internal combustion engine was invented in 1885 by Karl Benz. Today, 127 years later, the industry is one of the most technologically advanced, but wait until you see what's to come. From entertainment to safety, the cars of the future might just revolutionize human transportation. 

Here are some of the unbelievable new technologies that might just make it into production sooner than you think.


We've all seen the classics like Herbie the Love Bug or Knight Rider, but no one really thought cars could ever have personalities of their own. Well, car manufacturers today are finding new ways for cars to communicate with their surroundings. A new technology called Vehicle-to-Vehicle communication (V2V) is currently being tested by big manufacturers like Ford to better ensure the safety of their drivers and help prevent accidents. This uses wireless communications to send speed, location and directional information directly from one car to another.

I guess David Hasselhoff knew something we didn't.

What about those futuristic cars with windshields that look like large computer screens? BMW's already working on them. Their smart windshield displays highlight basic information about our route. But they and many others are also developing something even cooler - Augmented Reality dashboards (AR dashboards), which can actually identify places and objects around a vehicle. The driver or the passengers then use a touchscreen window virtually overlaid on the windshield to select the objects they want to know more about.

Perhaps the most impressive technology being tested today is the self-driving car, also known as the Google Driverless Car, because Google has funded its development. Though the driverless car isn't a new idea, it's already street legal in Nevada, and the industry is getting closer to mass production. Each year, every one of us spends on average over 100 hours just sitting in traffic. Driverless cars use radar, cameras, lasers and GPS to produce reaction times many times faster than humans, can engage in "platooning," where multiple vehicles drive extremely close to one another and act as a single unit. Think the highways on The Jetsons. Experts believe that driverless cars will decrease accidents and injuries, because the cars would never become distracted or make human mistakes (or text while driving, for that matter).  This would save time, and reduce insurance rates for all of us, and most important, it would save lives. 

So as we start the New Year, keep your eyes open and maybe you'll even catch a glimpse of these innovative cars and have an opportunity to check out the technologies that make them possible. One thing for sure: the future of the car has never looked brighter.



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