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Surf City Garage Special Gift Package

SCG knows that every guy wants the best looking ride in town. And there's no better way to make your ride look great than the Surf City Garage Special. This great package features 6 of our Enthusiast Grade interior and exterior detailing products and will make your ride look great. Includes Dash Away Interior Detailer (24oz spray), Barrier Reef Carnauba Wax (8oz), Beyond Steel Wheel Cleaner (24oz spray), Beyond Black Tire Pro (24oz spray), Speed Demon Wax Detailer (24oz spray), Clearly Better Glass Cleaner (24oz spray), and Nano-Detail Polishing Cloths (3-Pack).


Surf City Garage™ Premium Car Care Products. If you love your ride, treat it to the best car care products on the planet with waxes, polishes, exterior and interior cleaners from Surf City Garage. We're the only company in the business that restores and maintains its own collection of over 125 vintage muscle cars. Every single one of our products is formulated to our specs and manufactured by us right here in the USA. Put us to the test on your Hot Rod today. Try ours on one-half and your favorite product on the other. Then, if our products aren't the best you've ever used, we'll give you your money back and pay the shipping, no questions asked. At Surf City Garage, Your Ride's Worth It.

Surf City Garage
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