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Fabricating a Deck Lid Latch & Mounting Bracket. By Jim Clark (The Hot Rod MD)
     “Fit and Finish” is a term used to describe how the components align and function when a vehicle is assembled. Particularly when discussing things like door gaps and fender alignment on cars and trucks.
     When old cars were plentiful and cheap to buy we passed up ones that were too rusty or had been modified so much that they were considered beyond repair. As time passed we began to consider saving old hulks that had been deemed unsalvageable now that reproduction parts were available for many of the popular models.
Back in the late 60’s when I was learning to paint cars, we used acrylic lacquer and regular, not acrylic enamel … oh yeah, I can almost hear you guys thinking: Oh great, Old Carl is on another nostalgia kick and he is going to rant on about “way back when” again. Well, yes and no.
                                                 Another article from our friend and master painter and restoration expert, Carl Brunson.
                                                  It's All In The Detail   by  Michael Riley  of RetroPower    
Here are a few things that I do around my restoration shop  that may or may not be useful to those of you doing your o
This is an article produced in the 60's using a Top Insert Kit from Julianos in a 32 Vicky.  A Kit for the Home Builder. The pictures are old ... but the advice and instruction is timeless !
Repairing rusted panel damage or installing panels like gas filler doors can create a lot of panel distortion and necessitate a lot of additional finish body work when the seams between the panels are butt-welded together. A flanged panel that overlaps where it is welded creates a double-thickness of material and a seam with little distortion or vulnerability to water penetration.
Earlier model cars and pickup trucks were boxier shaped than the ones produced in the ‘50s and ‘60s and not very aerodynamic. To lower that profile dry lakes racers, and hot rod builders mimicking the look of racecars, cut the roof off of the vehicle and reattached it after removing part of the sheet metal and posts through the center of the window