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Thermo-Tec Top 10 Tech Questions


Q: Can I wrap the Muffler Cat Heat Shield on the muffler?
A: No, the Muffler Cat Heat Shield goes above the muffler or cat.

Q: Can Thermo-Shield Tape be used to wrap the exhaust?
A: No, the tape has an adhesive backing that is limited to 300deg Fahrenheit.

Q: Why does the wrap smoke and will it, catch fire?
A: The smoking is the curing process of the wrap and should only last 30-40 minutes. The wrap will not burn.

Q: Does the wrap contain asbestos?
A: No, the wrap is an advanced woven silica based material.

Q: How thick is the Thermo-Guard FR?
A: About 1/4” thick.

Q: How thick is the Suppressor and Super Sonic Mat?
A: About 1/16” thick.

Q: Do I have to wet the wrap?
A: No, the Black and Copper wrap does not need to be wet. The Tan wrap can be wet to help it bend easier and keep the fiberglass dust down.

Q: Does the exhaust wrap have a sticky side to it?
A: No, you have to clamp the wrap at the beginning and the end with Snap Strap a stainless hose clamp or stainless safety wire.

Q: Do I need to spray the coating on the wrap?
A: The coating is not necessary. The coating helps protect the wrap from liquids and abrasions. The coating will also keep the color of the black and copper wrap. All the exhaust wrap will turn a gray color over time.

Q: How does the exhaust wrap compare to ceramic coating?
A: The wrap retains heat in the pipe to increase exhaust flow. Ceramic coating provides more corrosion protection with a little heat retention. We have seen no problems in wrapping coated headers.