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Toyo Tire 2006

Toyo Tire 2006


Gone Racin’…to
Toyo Tires

Seventy-five reporters and photojournalists from magazines all over the country met to see the new Toyo Tires Proxes T1-R High Performance Tire which is replacing the T1-S. Sportscar editor Richard James, Justin Kaehler from IGN Entertainment, Rob Kinnan from Hot Rod Magazine, Edward Loh from Road and Track Speed, Mark Senefsky from Automotive West Publications, Tire Review Magazine, Import Racer, Primedia and many others joined DRIVE Magazine! For a road test of the new tires and a chance to ride with the Drifting Professionals who took us out on the course. I’m very glad the cars were equipped with these new High Performance tires, because drifting is an extreme sport, meant to make a car do things that no car or driver ought to be doing. It is a sport that prides itself on the skill and daring of a driver more than speed. Sliding sideways, when we weren’t spinning out in circles was definitely a thrill. It was better than any roller coaster ride this writer has ever been on. Not once did the car feel like it would tip and roll, no matter how often we slid sideways, which is what the drifters want to do. Doing this wears out the tread real fast but the tire held its own down to the belt and beyond. Dave Taylor, Toyo’s head engineer, Hideki Ueha, Products manager, and Travis Roffler, the Marketing Director showed us the process in making this tire and photos of the new Toyo Tire Plant being built in Bartow County, Georgia. Danny McKeever from Fast Lane Racing School kept us safe on the track. Kenny Sargent from Speed Freaks was the emcee, and Chris Young in Marketing answered our questions. The T1-R is a new generation High Performance tire that improves high speed, lowered noise, and wet/dry road performance for the high-end sports cars. Toyo Tires has won the prestigious Tire Review Magazine dealer satisfaction award for eight straight years and is the 9th largest tire Manufacturer in the world.
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