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Tremec Magnum All In One Harness



Bowler Performance Transmissions is proud to announce the release of an engineered all-in-one solution for your 6-speed Tremec Magnum transmission that allows for one harness to give you control over every function included on the transmission. Until now, you needed to purchase individual harnesses and components to utilize the speed sensor, reverse light, and reverse lockout functions. You were also limited to only one speed sensor output that sent out a specific Ford or GM signal. This meant that your speedometer/cruise control/ ECM all needed to be calibrated for that signal, or you would also need signal converters added in.

The all-in-one utilizes a small, built in, epoxy sealed control box that will control each of the 3 functions with power and grounding for each function through two switched +12v circuits and 1 ground wire connected to the negative battery post or engine block.  Control of the reverse lockout solenoid is based on a user defined speed setting. This eliminates the need for a separate lock out control box. Many users now simply connect their lock out solenoid to a momentary on/off switch such as the brake light switch to activate.  This method will get the job done, but can over work the solenoid, and over time shorten its life span.  For your electronic speedometer, the harness is equipped with 2 speed sensor outputs; the speed sensor outputs generate a square wave signal that goes from about -5v to roughly +5v, varying in frequency as the speed changes. If your ECM needs a positive only input, the output will automatically shift and give you 0 to +10 volts.  The 2 speed sensor outputs are completely independent and can be calibrated separately with any pulse count and ratio you want. These two outputs should be able to drive any common speedometer, cruise control, or ECM regardless of brand.  This will give you much greater flexibility in the components you are able to use and requires less time with installation.  The reverse lights are powered by a switched +12v input and single output wire connected to the positive side of your reverse lights; grounding of those lights should be local to the bulb socket.  The harness kit also includes a billet plug to replace the factory rubber plug in the mechanical speedometer port.

We have an app for that!  The harness is equipped with a blue tooth chip that will connect to your smart phone along with an app we have developed for Apple or Android users. In the setup app, you can enter the expected number of pulses per driveshaft revolution for the speedometer or ECU being driven by the output.  In addition, there is an adjustment that lets you modify that with a calibration ratio so that you can compensate for changes in tire size or final drive ratio. So, as you can see, this one harness can replace several different pieces of equipment that you would have formerly needed to get all your transmission related functions to operate.

Priced at $229.00

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