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U.S. Department of Commerce Action on Imported Automobiles and Auto Parts Could Trigger Tariffs

These tariffs on imported automobiles and parts could trigger significantly higher prices. Read the details below:

  • The United States has a thriving automobile industry, and the institution of Section 232 tariffs would pose a danger to that industry.  The disruption of supply chains and higher production costs will result in lost manufacturing jobs and significantly higher auto prices for consumers.  
  • Millions of American workers are employed within the industry segment that imports automobiles and auto parts.
  • Millions of American workers are also employed domestically in producing automobiles and auto parts that are exported to the global marketplace.
  • Imports of autos and auto parts do not threaten American security, including specialty auto parts that enhance a vehicle’s appearance and performance.  Imposing a 25% tariff on these products risks economic harm and the threat of retaliatory tariffs.  
  • The specialty and performance parts industry is made up primarily of small businesses that have no impact on domestic industrial capacity and national security.

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