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       Founded in 1999 by owners Jack and Mary Ann Lawford, has grown from it’s beginnings as a “Cars for Sale” site to become the largest online magazine in the field. The focus at is on providing an online source for the Pre 76 Car Enthusiast offering Industry and Product News, Vehicles and Parts for sale, Product and Vendor Information, Shop Tours, Build articles, Car Show Coverage, Event Listings and a huge Technical Section hosted by our own   HotRod M.D., Jim Clark, who was the first Editor of Streetrodder Magazine.

     Since it’s debut, has grown through it’s strong commitment to promotion, to achieve  visitorship levels numbering in the many thousands per day and an amazing 3+ Million +  page views per month. This means we are what is referred to as as “sticky site”... it means our visitors remain at the site for extended periods of time. Achieving this level of visitorship is due to two things; We maintain an aggressive campaign of promotion in print, internet, show exhibits, and donations to car clubs...... and secondly, our content is updated daily to keep it  fresh and new.
      Our commitment to growth is second only to our commitment to Customer Service.  Our office is staffed with knowledgeable people who are there to help our visitors and our advertisers with any of their needs.  It is through input from our visitors and customers that we have been able to evolve into the publication that exists today and we continue on that path.
     Although the internet is relatively new to the “car crowd”, it has exploded in popularity in recent years and more and more enthusiasts are using the internet as their main source of information about products and services they need. As the oldest and largest site for the hobby, is also the most heavily visited in the field.   When you are looking for a product or service ..... WHERE DO YOU LOOK ???    Most will say  “the Internet”  and your customers look there too...


   This is how it all began ...  a small booth in Louisville in 1999 .. check out those huge monitors we were dragging around !    These were two of the very few car guys we could get to stop and look at our computer screens...  we think it may have been that we were giving them a place to sit for a minute...  WOW... How Things have changed !   
    In the years since  began, those  car guys and gals have come to embrace the Internet like we knew they would .. and  has been there all along to help them and to give them the news, and entertainment they wanted.   We have grown from just a handful of visitors back then to many thousands of Visitors per day.

lville_our_booth_w_us office 3

Our presence at car shows around the country has changed a bit since then.  We now have some of our staff members accompany us so that they can meet the people they talk to on the phone and email with all year.  It’s a nice way for our visitors to get to know us and the staff and it continues that presence that we work so hard to maintain.  We have a fully staffed office with personnel dedicated to each section of our publication.   Any of our visitors or vendors who need help can reach someone who is there to assist them.

     In recent years we have added to our portfolio of publications.   Because there is somewhat of a crossover between car enthusiasts and motorcycle enthusiasts,  in 2008 we added  a publication for Motorcycles,     The response was phenomenal and we expect great things from this publication.  We offer discounts for companies who advertise in both publications. 
     We are also involved in maintaining the history or our industry through an association with the Society of Landspeed Historians and our site     This is a non-commercial site dedicated to the preservation of our industry’s history

34 ford good

Jack and Mary Ann Lawford with 2 of the Hotrodhotline  cars ...  34 Ford 3-W  and 67 Ranchero XL.   Hotrodhotline 34 Ford at the Great Race in 2007   and the HotRodHotLine  “Road Van”  the vehicle we use to go to Car Shows.

Advertising Plans:

We offer 2 Main Advertising Plan with various levels of exposure, but we often develop custom plans for our advertisers to suit their needs. .  Even our lowest ad guarantees you 6000 Adviews each DAY

We also offer customized plans for business with specific targeting in mind.

Car Dealers:   Plans range from  $79.00 per month to $300 per month depending on the number of cars
allowed in the plan.

We have two  special plans for Show Promoters  with special attention to targeted promotion of specific events. has  hundreds of our industry’s most prominent companies advertising with us as well as many small companies.   We offer very cost effective plans to help you promote your business within the industry.   All of our plans include not only banner ads, but other  “editorial” opportunities in  28 Different sections of articles.    When an advertiser submits a product or story to us .... it is GUARANTEED to run within a week.   We do not limit the number of photos you include or the size of the story.  We’re here to help you promote your business in every way possible ....  and now we even include VIDEOS ...  
      We are seeing more and more that   consumers are turning to the internet for the products and services they want and need ..... and  is the leader in our industry.    This makes us the best equipped to give you the presence you need on the internet and bring customers to your site. 
       We would be happy to   send you our  Media Kit by   email  by US Mail so you can see all of the different ways we can help  you promote your business.   Mary Ann at   877-700-2468   email  [email protected] .

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