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VIDEO - Nibbler Tool Demonstration

You may have seen our friend, Milan, aka Nibblerman, at a car show demonstrating his remarkable tool The Nibbler ... or you may have just walked past his booth and not paid much attention ... if that's the case, we'd like you to take a look at his online demo video.


If you do any work on your car, and you didn't stop to see his demo, you are really missing out.   Nibblerman often has a booth next to the booth at shows, and a few years ago Jack watched the demo and just had to have one of these tools.....  fast forward to the end of the show season when Jack had a chance to finally use his Nibbler .. and WOW ...  he was SO Impressed.. he says it is an AMAZING  tool ....  


Just in case you haven't stopped for the Nibbler  Demo ... here's your chance now to see the Nibbler in action.   Milan is at many shows during the year, including  NSRA Oklahoma City this weekend, and then his next show is the Spring Carlisle Swapmeet but if you can't make it to one of those shows to buy one, you can order one online.   We'll give you more specs on the Nibbler  below this video ... because once you see it in action, you will want one.




This nibbler is an attachment for any 3/8" drill, electric, cordless or air powered, with any speed range from 1500 up to 3000 rpm will work well. This unit can be used to cut sheet metal up to heavy 16 guage on mild steel. It also cuts plastic, stainless steel, aluminum, formica, acrylic sheet plastic and more. The unique head design cuts flat or corrugated material. The Nibbler comes with a LIFETIME WARRANTY, extra double headed punch and one extra die. New parts are available from our company, and as a USA distributor we are easy to contact. The special design on the die allows the operator to cut any profile on corrugated sheet metal. This nibbler is great for all auto body work, and it is used by many auto body repair professionals around the world. This nibbler is the perfect tool for home repair such as air-conditioning, siding, roofing, furnace venting, etc. It is a hobbyist’s dream for cutting fine metal sculpture without distortion. The rotating head allows changing cutting direction whenever desired. It can also swivel during cutting operations to follow even the most complex patterns. No distortion will normally occur to material being cut. An easy to change punch and die set saves time and money. The body is constructed of strong aluminum alloy for maximum durability. Optional Bench Clamps are also available, allowing the operator freedom to use their hands.

For Ordering Information, or a complete list of the NibblerMan's  Trade Show Schedule go to