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Vintage Pickups Trucking Through the Postal Service

Each year, specialized postage stamps make appearances for various holidays as well as beloved film characters, and anticipation has continued to build for those of us who love nothing more than our four-wheeled friends. Four stamps with illustrations of iconic American pickup trucks will be officially released on July 15th of this year at the Syracuse Nationals. Finally.

USPS chose the specific models to celebrate "the rugged and reliable work vehicles that Americans have driven for nearly a century". The models that will appear on these long-awaited postage stamps are:

  • A red 1938 International Harvester D-2 with its "distinctive barrel-shaped grille and elegant styling."
  • A light yellow 1953 Chevrolet featuring "large windshields that provided drivers with excellent visibility, a distinctive curvy grille that bulged in the middle, and a six-cylinder engine."
  • A green 1948 Ford F-1 with "a roomy 'Million Dollar Cab,' sharp horizontal five-bar grille and six cylinder engine."
  • A powder blue 1965 Ford F-100 with "a new grille that featured 18 small rectangular openings. It also featured what Ford dubbed 'Twin-I-Beam' independent front suspension."

This is not the first time that the USPS has offered auto-related stamps. In 2013, they offered American Muscle Cars, and in 2014 it was Hot Rods.

The illustrations will be done by Chris Lyons, an artist whose work has appeared in a number of publications including Road & Track magazine.

The 47-cent Forever stamps will be available in a double-sided book of 20 beginning at the Syracuse Nationals next month.