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Welder Series Chassis Parts Discounted

Chassis Parts Discounted ~20% by Exchange Rate
The complete Welder Series line of high quality chassis parts is available to Americans at a significant discount due to the current strength of the US dollar.  Since their prices are in Canadian dollars (no, they don’t trade in Tim Hortons gift certificates), if you’re paying in American dollars you’ll get about 25% off! One US dollar is equal to about $1.25 Canadian, so your dollars go further and your chassis parts are cheaper.  For example, using a 20% discount, a C$260 sway bar would only cost U$208.
The final rate will be determined by your credit card company, but it shouldn’t be less than 15%. 
Please check out their online store for everything you need to make your chassis build easier, including gussets, threaded tubes, four link kits, frame brackets, plates, sway bar kits, and their unique Mustang II universal fit crossmember kit. 

 As labor is usually a large part of the cost of any project, the more labor you can provide yourself, the less dollars the project will cost. The unique idea behind Welder Series ready-to-weld kits is that if you can weld, you can make professional quality kits using our parts. Everything comes in the box except the welding. Assembly sheets show and tell how the kit components go together and installation sheets show how to position the part in your project. Our parts are also available completely welded. DW Horton welds parts in-house, to maintain high quality standards. Every Welder Series kit is welded by the same person…